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What's happening on the Fenwick estate

In order to build more and better homes in the borough, the Council has approved plans to redevelop the Fenwick Estate. This update gives you information about what will happen next.

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DDevelopment management team update

In July the Council’s Cabinet agreed to the complete redevelopment of the Fenwick Estate. Over the last few months there has been a process to select a Development Management Team. These teams are made up of building design professionals who will work with you and your neighbours and the Council to develop detailed plans for the new estate.

Residents have been involved in choosing the Development Management team by coming along to an exhibition in October where residents were able to meet the competing teams, ask them questions and score them. Members of the Fenwick Residents Engagement Panel and local ward councillors were also involved in interviewing each team.

A decision regarding the successful Development Management Team will be made shortly and we will inform residents when this decision is made. The Development Management team will then begin to work with residents to develop plans for the new estate in early 2017.

Key guarantees

We understand the potential distress that regenerating an estate may cause residents. To reduce this as much as possible, we are committed to keeping uncertainty to a minimum by giving residents the information and support they need. As a part of this we published the Key Guarantees in July 2015. The council has always been open to suggestions about how these Key Guarantees could be improved. Following a review of the Key Guarantees and feedback from tenants and homeowners across the six estates in the regeneration programme, the Council has improved and updated the Key Guarantees. This consultation ended on November 21st. The amended Key Guarantees will then be adopted by the council. It is intended that these improved and updated Key Guarantees, pending any further amendments arising from this consultation process, will be adopted as soon as possible after this consultation.

A number of questions came up during the consultation, so the council has put together a set of question and answers. These questions and answers were delivered to you on Thursday 17th November.

You can also see these by visiting the link http://estateregeneration. lambeth.gov.uk/key_guarantees_q_a

When is the earliest that I can sell my property to the council?

In progressing the regeneration, the council is prioritising keeping the community together. However, homeowners have expressed interest in how the council will progress buy back of freehold and leasehold homes on the Fenwick estate ahead of it undergoing estate regeneration.

Following the Cabinet decision to proceed with the redevelopment of an estate, the Housing Regeneration team wrote to all homeowners on an estate to identify the level of demand for early buy-back of homes, through completing an ‘Expression of Interest’ form. The team are now visiting every homeowner who has expressed a wish to have their home bought back early, to discuss their personal circumstances and to explain the buy-back process.

Following this, a list will be put together for the estate, setting out how these purchases will be prioritised. Homeowners will also be able to approach the Housing Regeneration team directly to request early buy-backs under an exceptions process.
If you wish to speak to the Estate Regeneration team about selling your property to the Council ahead of the regeneration, please contact us Further information can be found here:

http://estateregeneration.lambeth.gov.uk/when_ is_the_earliest_that_i_can_sell_my_property_to_ the_council

Resident engagement panel

Resident Engagement Panels are an important part of how the Council engages with residents affected by regeneration. A Resident Engagement Panel is a group that:

  • The Council can give information to, so they can understand the background to regeneration options.
  • Residents can have their say on issues affecting them.
  • Acts as a sounding board for Council Officers and Council Members so they can understand issues from a resident perspective.
  • The panels are not decision-making bodies. Nevertheless, they have an important role to play in relation to consultation, ensuring the views of residents on the estate are considered when decisions are made by the Council. We are currently seeking both tenant and homeowner representatives for the Panel.

If you are interested including out more about being on the Resident Engagement Panel, please contact us using the details at the end of the newsletter.

Housing needs survey

The Council has made the guarantee that any secure tenant who wishes to continue to live at their current estate will have the opportunity to do so. A part of this process is to understand the housing needs of all tenants within the affected properties.

To do this Council officers will meet with all tenants at their home to talk about their housing needs, the moving process and answer any concerns you may have about this. They will also provide details of the support the Council will provide to help you through this process. We expect that these meetings will start in January 2017, and we will be writing to all tenants nearer the time to provide more details.

New homes on Fenwick South

Following discussions held with the community and TRA in 2015, we approved a planning application earlier this year from Transport for London (TfL) to build 55 new council homes and re-provide a new community hall at Fenwick South. Over the next few weeks, TfL will be starting some activity on site. These include site surveys and investigations. TfL will do their very best to keep disruption to a minimum.

Underground garages at Omerod House

Over the last eight years the Parking and Garages Team has reduced the void rate for Lambeth garages from 60% to less than 1%. This has meant over a thousand more garages in use for local residents.

Garage sites have also been transformed across the borough, with over 2000 new doors being fitted, the majority of garage roofs replaced and on some sites green roofs have been fitted to improve the environment and add a touch of the countryside! In recent years, because of growing demand, sites that have been moth balled have been brought in to use. This includes the site on the Fenwick estate where over 80 garages have been brought in to use, and 30 of those will be given to the TRA for community use. The garage site will hopefully be able to be kept as part of the regeneration of the estate, however the cost of regenerating the garages will be met through rental income either way.

Independent legal advice

The council has committed through the Key Guarantees to provide residents with information and advice to help them through the process of moving home. The following financial and legal advice is offered:

  • Conveyancing
  • Through the Independent Advisers
  • Financial Advisers
  • Legal Advice on Future Tenancies and Leases.

In addition to the above forms of advice, the council will maintain communication with residents throughout the life of regeneration projects on matters such as the regeneration process and how it will affect residents and provide advice and support to those seeking to be rehoused either elsewhere in Lambeth or outside the Borough. Additional specific and bespoke advice and support will be provided to vulnerable residents and those with special needs. Further information is available here:



Regeneration hub

The Estate Regeneration team are proposing to open regeneration ‘hub’ on the Estate. This would provide a base for the Estate Regeneration team, alongside space, which could be used by the Independent Advisor, the Development Management Team or other groups for meetings, drop-ins and other events. It is proposed that this ‘hub’ be located in a void property, in an accessible location on the estate. Further updates will be provided in a future newsletter; in the meantime, we welcome views on this proposal.

Development timeline

The timings below are intended to provide a guide as to when key events will happen.

Share your views on the look and feel of the new estate

Winter 2016-Summer 2017

Planning permission

Autumn 2017-Autumn 2018

Construction work starts

Winter 2018

Earliest demolition of any existing homes

Winter 2018

Earliest that the first homes are completed

Winter 2019

Up coming events


Date & time

Estate Regeneration Team Drop in session

Monday 12th December, 5.30pm to 7.30pm

Independent Adviser’s Christmas event

Thursday 15th December, 6pm to 8pm

Estate Regeneration Team Drop in session

Monday 9th January, 5.30pm to 7.30pm 

All these events will held at Fenwick Hall, 128 Willington Road.