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Westbury REP Meeting 28th September

Last week we had another productive resident engagement panel meeting for the Westbury Estate.

At this meeting, which was held in the new residents' space at No.7 Fovant Court, we talked about the results from the site surveys and reports for the Westbury Estate and how these relate to the Residents' Brief. We also talked about the working document of the Draft Indicative Design Guidelines.

Initial Site Survey Information

Spencer McGawley attended from Campbell Reith Engineers to share initial site survey information with residents. The information shared can be viewed here.

The topics covered were:

  • Preliminary Ecological Appraisal
  • Light Pollution Report
  • Arboricultural/ Tree Survey
  • Below Ground Survey
  • Noise & Vibration Survey
  • Archaeology and Heritage
  • Electrical Substation Survey

Some additional survey information regarding the flood levels was also discussed, this was not in the hand-outs as it was very recent information. The survey showed that the site has been classified as Flood Zone Level 3 which is relatively high. This is likely to mean that in order to receive planning permission, the Environment Agency will require there not to be any bedrooms on the ground floor.

We related this survey information back to the Residents' Brief and where survey and policy requirements were aligning. It was discussed that there are elements of the design that are governed by policy and are not within the control of the Development Management Team. If these elements of the design are not complied with, it may put the new development and residents at risk and also will likely not be agreed for planning permission by the Environment Agency.


Residents' Brief

The information presented from the survey results was related back to the Westbury Estate Residents' Brief. This document was shared at the meeting in a new format, keeping all of the original content of the document from 2015, and presenting residents' priorities in an easy-to-read, clear way, which is more accessible for any residents who weren't involved in the original drafting process.

Copies of the Residents' Brief hand-out can be found at No.7 Fovant Court for residents to read, take home and comment on. 


Draft Design Guidelines

Hilary Satchwell from Tibbalds also presented an outline of the Draft Design Guidelines Document, which is an evolving document that the appointed architects of the project will use to ensure that all aspects of the design are considered.

A copy of the Draft Design Guidelines will be kept at No.7 Fovant Court for residents to read through


Events coming up 

You can see the full results from the Surveys and Reports, read the re-formatted Residents' Brief and see the Draft Design Guidelines document at the Public Drop in at No.7 Fovant Court on Wednesday 12th October RSVP here

If you are unable to attend, these documents will also be available at No.7 Fovant Court and residents can come along to Council Drop-ins on Tuesdays 4-6pm and Coffee and Cake every Friday between 2-5pm.

The next Westbury REP meeting will be happening on Wednesday 2nd November, you can RSVP here