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Westbury Garden Feast

As a result of a wonderful 2017 harvest we decided to host a Westbury Garden Feast using the food that had grown in the garden. 


In preparation for the party we ran a number of craft activities during our Friday afternoon Coffee and Cake sessions. Dispersed between cups of tea and slices of apple cake, residents made colourful pompoms, paper flowers, assembled bunting, decorated three meters of tablecloth, assembled harvest conversation crackers (like off season Christmas crackers!) and shared some of their favourite recipes. 


raymond_pompom.jpg feast_6_cracker.JPG bunting.JPG

Preparation for the Garden Party at coffee and cake sessions making pom poms, conversation crackers and bunting.


While all of this was going on, make:good were creating some homemade tomato ketchup using the vast quantity of tomatoes that have been growing (and still continue to grow) in the garden of No. 7. 


Home made tomato chutney and ketchup  


Before we knew it, the feast was upon us. The garden was adorn with lanterns and homemade outdoor bunting which complimented the wall mural designed by residents. Inside was a colourful sight, filled with the many crafts, which had been made during our coffee and cake sessions. The table was set with the hand decorated tablecloth using the icons that residents had drawn for the garden mural. It was then populated with crackers, hand made place settings, homemade raspberry cordial, and an array of food. Residents made crumpet pizzas, delicious chicken drumsticks, and wonderful roast potatoes (that everyone wanted seconds of).

feast.JPG feast_4.JPG 


The conversation crackers, which went down a treat, had questions like ‘if you could build your dream house with infinite funds anywhere in the world, where would it be and what would it be like?’ and ‘what age would you stay forever?’ that spurred very funny conversations amongst residents. Many people tried new recipes, and vegetarian sausage rolls went down a treat with even the most sceptical of residents! 



Over the coming months we will be continuing our gardening work in No.7 so come along to one of our Coffee & Cake sessions and get involved. Have a look at other Westbury Events here.