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Westbury Estate Study Trip 7th December

Last week we took a group of Westbury residents on another study visit to look at the interior of a new home. 

It was a really positive and useful experience so if you are able to attend the next study trip on Saturday 14th January it would be wonderful to have as many residents as possible attend. Please RSVP here. 

Things residents liked about the home we saw were:

  • The amount of storage, upstairs and downstairs, residents could imagine fitting their belongings in the storage provided 
  • The separate kitchen and living space 
  • The kitchen was large enough to fit a table in and there was a workable amount of kitchen counter 
  • Good sized bathrooms 
  • Size of the rooms were good 
  • Separate cloakroom as well as a family sized bathroom
  • Fencing and gate at front before you get to front door (residents liked the defensible space this created)  
  • Washing machine cupboard which also contained the Heat Interface Unit (we learnt this term at the 2nd November REP meeting, read more here
  • The size of the hallway when you entered the home
  • The solid front door 
  • The sound proofing, the home close to the road but couldn't hear anything nor could you hear the sound of the building site around
  • The home felt warm but residents wanted to know if this was because of the underfloor heating 

Things residents did not like about the home we saw were:

  • Bedrooms facing the road
  • Living room space felt a bit small 
  • Residents wanted to know if fitted furniture will be provided

Things residents had mixed feelings about were:

  • The balcony upstairs as they were unsure how useful it would be if it needed to be accessed from a bedroom
  • The amount of glazing in the bedrooms and whether having lots of glass will make it hard to fit furniture in

Residents wanted to know if Lambeth are not buying appliances can residents by them and have them fitted when the homes are being built. 

If you want to see pictures of the homes that we have seen on our study trips please come to our next Coffee and Cake drop in this Friday. RSVP here.