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Westbury Estate Public Drop In

Last week the Development Management Team held a public drop in on the Westbury Estate. 


The event was intended to introduce the newly appointed Architect’s of Phase 1 and to share the refinements that have been made to the masterplan since it was approved by cabinet in November 2015.

You can view the boards that were presented here or drop into 7 Fovant Court at our next coffee and cake session on Friday 21st October 2 - 6pm to see the work. RSVP here.

Key feedback we received from neighbours was:

  1. Make a robust plan for dealing with refuse stowage so that the estate looks tidy. This aligns with a priority in the Residents' Brief.
  2. To aim to retain as many trees as possible as views onto the trees and green spaces are valued. 
  3. To position the buildings to minimise impact on views and light into the existing homes.

EPR Architects have been appointed to design the Phase 1 buildings and will be working closely with Metropolitan workshop and the rest of the Development Management Team to make sure that their work fits in with the rest of the masterplan and meets the needs of residents.

We also shared some work to respond to some of the questions we have collected from residents including whether the new homes will be smaller than existing homes. We presented scale drawings which showed that like-for-like, homes will be larger and we also marked out the additional space you will get in living space and kitchens to help illustrate the extra space that people will get. 

Remember, Catherine and Nataly are in No. 7 Fovant Court every Friday afternoon for coffee and cake sessions so you can drop in, ask questions and find out more about the archiving work they are doing.

Andre the landscape architect shared 4 examples of public spaces and asked people to comment on them to tell us what they liked or did not like. You view the images here and feel free to send us your thoughts.  

We had some delicious nibbles supplied with the help of some local residents, Alessandra made us a great apple cake and we made apple chutney with apples from one of the gardens in Fovant Court. We would be interested in talking to people about food growing on the new estate so get in touch if this is something you would like to see happening.


Currently materials available to view at No. 7 Fovant Court are: 

  1. Survey information as summarised in Newsletter 5 
  2. The draft design guidelines for Phase 1 (this acts a bit like a brief for EPR - read more about this here)
  3. Site analysis of Westbury Estate and the surrounding area which we would like people to add their thoughts to
  4. A timeline and archive for Westbury, which we are asking residents to add their photos and memories to (the concrete sculpture nicknamed 'the witches hat' has already prompted lots of memories and we would love people to come and add their thoughts)

The next Resident Engagement Panel meeting will be on the 2nd November and you can RSVP here.

This session will be about heating and energy; we have already collected some questions to help the engineers prepare but please do let us know if you have any particular questions you would like us to answer.

You can e-mail your questions to [email protected]