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Westbury Estate Study Trip

Yesterday some intrepid residents from Westbury put on site safety equipment and headed to visit some nearly completed homes by one of the architects for Westbury Estate, Maccreanor Lavington.

We visited a range of private and social homes and also looked at the new homes from the outside to think about materials, balconies and entrances.

Internally residents were positive about:

  • The size of the living spaces particularly in the 3 bedroom home
  • The size of bathroom which felt that it would be useable for a family. The tiles and quality of fixtures & fittings.
  • The number of plug sockets
  • The front doors were not too close together
  • The communal landing area was a good size you'd be able to pass neighbours without feeling squashed in
  • The homes had good sound insulation - we couldn't hear things from outside even though on building site
  • The homes felt warm
  • The white goods well placed
  • The sliding doors to open balconies because then you lose less internal space for the door swing

Internally residents were concerned about:

  • Whether the Pendent only lighting  would provide enough light
  • Bedrooms too close to front door particularly the single rooms for children
  • Open plan living and kitchen space but we know that on Westbury Lambeth are committing to having a mixture of open plan and separate spaces.
  • Lack of cupboards and storage - particularly built in storage
  • There was not enough work top space in the kitchens
  • Electrical and induction hobs and what they would be like to cook on

Externally residents were positive about:

  • The recessed balconies as this would provide cover when raining
  • The front doors seemed, nice, heavy big, solid and of high quality
  • The layout of the blocks meant that there was less looking directly into other flats
  • The plain light coloured brick of the town houses and the windows were seen to fit in nicely
  • The ground floor homes with entrances off the street and their own defensible space

Externally residents were concerned about:

  • Protruding balconies due to a lack of privacy, rain cover
  • Having all full length windows as this means they would need to have larger curtains, have less space for radiators and they would be more limited for places to put furniture

This was a really useful visit for the architects and residents to talk about design ideas and we have two further study trips coming up if you would like to attend.

Wednesday 7th December RSVP here

Saturday 14th January RSVP here