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Westbury Estate Newsletter #9

The ninth newsletter by the Development Management Team has been produced for Westbury and is available to read here.

The Development Management Team has been produced newsletter #9 for Westbury and you can read it here.

Inside this issue:

What's Happening on your estate


Coming up in March


Phase 1 Update

It is important to note that all this information is work in progress and subject to change following planning, policy and resident feedback as well as cost analysis.

EPR set out key features of site 1:

  • Commercial unit entrance from Wandsworth Road.
  • Entrances to the new homes will be opposite Durrington Tower to make it feel part of the estate.
  • The building is 9 storeys high from Wandsworth Road and 10 stories high from the Estate side due to the level change.
  • The building contains 27 one beds, 7 two beds and 6 three beds, 10% of these homes will be wheelchair accessible.



The REP provided the following feedback:

  • Liked the residential entrance within the estate.
  • Not all residents want open plan living and asked if two bed homes with separate kitchen can be explored?
  • Residents want clarification on whether white goods and electrical appliances will be provided in the new homes both in phase 1 and future phases.

Other Feedback

  • Some residents would like 2 bedroom properties at ground floor in later phases of the project. Now that the Housing Needs Assessments are complete and information has been collected the design team will see if this can be accommodated and provide feedback.


EPR set out key features of Site 2 (the garage site)

  • It contains 6 three beds at ground and lower ground level, 12 two beds over the first and second floor and 6 four bed homes over the third and fourth floors.
  • The three bed homes on the lower ground and ground floor have individual entrances.
  • All other homes are accessed from a secure communal entrance on Wandsworth Road with stairs and a lift to the floors above. 
  • Current proposals show the building will be predominently brick. 

The REP provided the following feedback:

  • Liked the look of the building from Wandsworth Road and how it responds to the buildings on the other side of the road. 
  • Happy the 4 beds homes have separate kitchen and living space. Want to look at other unit sizes having a mix of open or separate kitchen and living spaces.
  • Concerned about having smaller bedrooms at Wandsworth Road side therefore likely to be children’s bedrooms at ground floor with windows to the street. 
  • Wanted to understand how the entrances from Wandsworth Road would work. We will mark these sizes out in full at the next public event. 
  • Mixed views about having the balconies for the two bed apartments on Wandsworth Road or the rear of the building. Some felt they would be dark on the rear as they face North East and are next to the walkway and some people felt Wandsworth Road was too noisy to have a balcony facing onto it.

We want to know what you think. Come to the next exhibition on March 15th and 18th to see the work in more detail, and share your views.

Akerman Road Study Trip


We recently took a group of residents to visit a new four bedroom home completed for Homes for Lambeth. Residents were very impressed with what they saw including:

  • The size of all rooms which were noticeably bigger than their existing homes;
  • Square rooms that would be easier to furnish than some of the angled spaces we have seen before;
  • Having a separate kitchen and living space;
  • A large kitchen with room for a table;
  • The quality and look of the kitchen fittings;
  • The solid front door felt secure;
  • Not all the windows are full height which people felt gave more flexibility to furnishing a room;
  • Different types of bathrooms that all felt spacious;
  • Having a ground floor WC
  • The number of plugs in each of the rooms;
  • The space for storage including under the stairs;
  • Having a front garden but we also talked about it not needing to be as big to achieve a level of privacy and that for Westbury the space might be better allocated to rear gardens with a smaller front garden.

Residents agreed that it was a good ‘neutral palette’ in terms of style of fittings, particularly in the bathrooms which meant that people could decorate them to their own taste over time.

Overall residents said ‘If we could bring this quality and standard to Westbury we would be happy’.

Dilan's Update

Key Guarantees

We know how important the Key Guarantees are to residents and we can now confirm that the final Cabinet report will be published on the 15th March. This report will contain all the feedback we have received from residents and a response from Lambeth Council. The report is currently expected to go to  cabinet on the 23rd March and residents can apply to make further representations in person at this meeting. Newman Francis will be holding a separate session with residents to review the report and can support residents to attend the Cabinet meeting itself if required.

Housing Needs Assessment

Thank you to everybody who completed their Housing Needs Assessment, we are in the process of analysing this information and making sure that the Development Management Team have the details of the types of new homes requested by residents who wish to remain on Westbury Estate.

I wanted to confirm that if you have stated a preference for leaving Westbury Estate and change your mind that Lambeth Council would support you to ensure this can happen.


As well as the training and work experience opportunities offered to residents by the Development Management Team Lambeth Council are also committed to providing training to residents should they wish. At February’s REP meeting we discussed possible ideas and asked the REP to make further suggestions, however, if you have a particular training need please do let me know your thoughts.


Indicative Timeline


Timetable - March 2017


Your Independent Advisors - Newman Francis

Alongside our ongoing outreach work there are three upcoming activities we would like to make residents aware of.

Valuations Workshop for Leaseholders

Wednesday 12 April, 6.30pm to 8.30pm at 7 Fovant Court. The workshop will be delivered by RICS qualified firm of Chartered Surveyors called SFP. They have no experience of working in Lambeth and will not be looking to “sign up” residents. Their role will be to present the information leaseholders need and also answer any questions.

Homes for Lambeth Tenancies and Leases

The Independent Advisors are in the process of identifying solicitors to review the new tenancies and leases with a view to providing a position paper which will be submitted to the Council. We will provide a brief which will enable solicitors to review the proposed new leases and tenancy agreements. The Council is then planning to issue full drafts of the new

tenancies and leases in June. This will be followed by a further consultation period before the new tenancies and leases are submitted to the Council Cabinet and Homes for Lambeth for adoption in October.

Issue of the Final Key Guarantees

The Council will publish their final report on the Key Guarantees on 3rd March.  Newman Francis will be asking residents for their views on the Council’s Report on the Key Guarantees so that we can then send a formal response to the Council on your behalf.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.
Telephone: 020 8536 1436
Email: [email protected]

Work Experience

Members of the Development Management Team are offering work experience in the fields of:

  • Engineering within the built environment;
  • Architecture;
  • Community engagement.

We have a series of one week placements available to residents and local young people.
You don’t need any experience or knowledge about the fields, these placements will be an opportunity to get a taster of working in the built environment.
There are also paid internships available for those studying at degree level or have just graduated.

Phone Catherine on 0800 0720 265 or e-mail [email protected]