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Westbury Estate Newsletter 31

The Development Management Team have published Newsletter #30 for Westbury Estate and it is available to read here.





As detailed in recent Westbury Estate newsletters, to allow phase 1 of the planned rebuilding of the Westbury estate to begin, St James need to carry out soil remediation work next. You may have heard claims about this work from elsewhere but, to be clear, it means removing from the soil any contaminants left from previous building works, such as asbestos. This is common practice for projects in urban areas, where there have already been many buildings on the site over the centuries. This newsletter gives an update from St James, the contactor.

Mandy Green

Assistant Director Homes and Communities, Neighbourhoods and Growth, London Borough of Lambeth


The site is now enclosed in hoardings which will allow soil to be cleaned safely. All works will be undertaken by approved contractors who are specialists in the removal of contamination.

All works will be completed in accordance with statutory requirements, which are regulated and monitored by the Health and Safety Executive and the Environment Agency.

You can find out more about the contractor who has been selected to do the work on the link below:


The ground will be carefully dug through in sections. Asbestos will be hand-picked from the soil, in the same way asbestos previously found on the estate in sheet form has been. It can easily and safely be separated from the soil. It will then be bagged, placed in a covered and locked skip and removed from the site, to be disposed of safely at a registered waste disposal centre.

These works will be undertaken in accordance with the contractor’s method statements which are aligned to statutory regulations and environmental permits that have been issued by the Environment Agency. The Environment Agency Deployment Notice permit ref is AP39992FW/W00009 dated 5 December 2018.

This approach to dealing with the contamination is detailed in our agreed remediation strategy method statement which you can find online:


and then clicking on ‘Remediation Method Statement’.

Following completion of the works the contractor will submit to the Environment Agency a validation report summarising the works that have been undertaken, which will include results of the testing carried out after the cleaning of the soils.

When the Environment Agency are satisfied that the soils have been cleaned in accordance with the remediation strategy they will issue a regulatory approval notice. This notice is also required to satisfy condition 9 of the planning approval consent for the development and which deals specifically with the remediation strategy.

The work is scheduled to start in the last week of January 2019. We estimate it will take from 10 to 16 weeks to complete. This is part of a wider works schedule shown below:

Westbury site 1



If you have any further questions, please get in touch with:

Andre Gordon (Project Manager)

Tel: 020 7926 9306

Email: [email protected]

or St James

Giles Enion (Project Manager)

Tel: 020 7501 2800

Email: [email protected]