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Westbury Estate Newsletter 28

The Development Management Team have published Newsletter #28 for Westbury Estate and it is available to read here.


The Development Management Team have published Newsletter #28 for Westbury Estate and it is available to read here.


Coming up in November


Studio Voltaire – 16.11.18 | 3-5pm No.7 Fovant Court

Clapham-based art gallery Studio Voltaire and artist Mark Amura will lead a free printmaking workshop at No.7. Come along to create your own rainbow hand-printed poster using a relief printing method.



Council Drop in - Every Tuesday | 4-6pm No.7 Fovant Court

Pop by No. 7 Fovant Court every Tuesday afternoon to talk to Lambeth officers about any questions or concerns you may have.



Festive Wreaths – 30.11.18 | 3-5pm

Back once again by popular demand, Maxine will be getting us all in the festive mood with a holidays-themed flower arranging workshop: wreath making! Materials and expertise supplied, just come along and get creative.



REP Meeting 12.12.18| 6:30 – 8:30pm No.7 Fovant Court

REP Meeting sharing project updates, including information on the upcoming CPO process. These sessions are open to all residents of Westbury Estate.

Lambeth Update

Leaseholders should have received a letter regarding the upcoming Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) process. As part of the process of rebuilding of your estate the council needs a CPO as securing a CPO gives the council the legal right to buy all land on the estate so that the rebuilding can go ahead. A CPO does not change your rights under the Key Guarantees.

As we move forward with the CPO we will continue to talk to you about your rights under the Key Guarantees to stay living on the rebuilt estate in a new home and how Homes for Lambeth will implement these commitments. You can find more details of the Key Guarantees at http://estateregerenation.lambeth.gov.uk/key_guarantees If, however, you want to use your rights under the Key Guarantees and move away from the Estate then, in such case, we now wish to commence negotiations on reaching a settlement with you for the purchase of your property and will support you in acquiring alternative accommodation.

A draft report seeking a resolution to progress with a compulsory purchase order (CPO) is to be presented to Cabinet in December 2018.


Development Management update

We are still planning to start the Reserved Matters application for Phases 2 and 3 in May 2019. At present, we are reviewing the outline plans for Phase 2 and 3 and updating our assumptions based on the updated Housing Needs Assessment, cost, financial viability to name a few. All of which will allow us to start the Reserved Matters work more effectively in the spring.

We are also working with Lambeth Planning to sign off the S106 (which has various financial and non-financial commitments to the Local Authority such as training opportunities during the works) so that the planning can be fully approved (at present we have Resolution to Grant planning approval subject to signing the S106).


St James update and forthcoming estate works

All utilities work has now been completed and all sections which were excavated have now been backfilled and returned to its original state. No further works will be undertaken until the Development Agreement is signed and that this is still pending final agreement of all parties. Once the agreement has been signed Lambeth will hand the land over to St James and they will begin with installing the 3 site hoardings and drainage diversion works.

Site hoardings and security

Hoarding and CCTV will be erected around the sites for Block E (Site 1) and Block C2(Site 2) and the area for the additional play provision (Site 3) in front of Durrington Tower. This will be followed by the enabling works to get the site ready for our staff, which will include the temporary services needed for site welfare. We will continue site investigations and prepare for the remediation works. This work will happen within the hoarding line and should have minimal impact on residents.

The below diagram shows our proposed plan for the hoarding location, however, please note this may change as we finalise the plan over the coming weeks.

As previously addressed, some parking bays will be suspended for the duration of the project, due to the hoarding of Sites 1 & 2.


Soil Remediation

Following the enabling works, we will commence soil remediation. This means making the soil clean and ready for work to begin. We will remove contaminants from the ground left by previous buildings. This is a very usual process for a project in an urban area where there have been many buildings on the site over the centuries.


Virtual Reality at No.7

As the cold weather draws in and the estate wildlife settles in for the winter, Westbury residents were transported across the world, from the African Savannahs to under the waters of the Galapagos Islands - all through the power of Virtual Reality.

Using basic cardboard virtual reality goggles, residents across generations enjoyed the different experiences, exploring exotic landscapes and spotting amazing wildlife, all from the comfort of the No.7 hub. The different worlds felt so real, some of us even tried to reach out and touch them! Everyone had great fun, and it got us thinking about what other activities we could do using Virtual Reality.









Independent Advisor Update

Over the last few weeks we have been busy supporting residents. We carried out home visits in the low-rise buildings during October and made sure that the Council were aware of what residents said to us. Some residents had questions regarding the build process / programme. The Council wrote to leaseholders about the CPO process during October. Since then several leaseholders have been in touch with us asking for advice and support. The Council have agreed to attend this meeting for the leaseholders and provide advice and assistance. We will to circulate more information about the proposed meeting shortly

We are also asking the Council to consider the interests of residents in the tower blocks when it develops a Lettings Plan for the new homes in 2019. We will be visiting residents in the towers during November, (postponed from October), to make sure that residents are kept updated about the regeneration.

We wish you and your families well over the next few weeks as the days become shorter and the Christmas holidays draw closer.

Best wishes,


For more information:

T: 0208 536 1436 / 0800 644 6040 (Freephone)

Email: [email protected]



Council Drop ins

Every Tuesday, No. 7 Fovant Court, 4-6pm

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the plans and how they will affect you, residents can come and speak to Andre and the Lambeth team at the weekly council drop in sessions. You can also call, email or visit the website using the details below to find out more or to arrange a home visit.

Andre Gordon:
Project Officer Housing
& Regeneration

T: 020 7926 9306
[email protected]