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Westbury Estate Newsletter 25

The Development Management Team have published Newsletter #25 for Westbury Estate and it is available to read here.


The Development Management Team have published Newsletter #25 for Westbury Estate and it is available to read here.



Coming up in August

Coffee & Cake Every Friday | 3-5pm No.7 Fovant Court

make:good will continue to hold their informal drop in sessions every Friday afternoon for residents, starting from May 4th


Council Drop In Every Tuesday | 4-6pm No.7 Fovant Court

Pop by No. 7 Fovant Court every Tuesday afternoon to talk to Lambeth officers about any questions or concerns you may have.


REP Meeting 01.08.18 | 6:30 – 8:30pm No.7 Fovant Court

REP Meeting sharing project updates, including information on housing costs and Leaseholder valuations. These sessions are open to all residents of Westbury Estate.


Pet Rescue Talk 17.08.18 | 3-5pm No.7 Fovant Court

Battersea Cats & Dogs Home will be bringing a rescue dog to visit us and telling us about all the amazing work they do looking after dogs and cats. Please note you cannot bring your own pet to this session.


As you will be aware from previous newsletters, meetings and updates the council is looking to put a Compulsory Purchase Order in place to allow the rebuilding of the estate to go ahead.

A Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) is a legal process whereby a public authority uses its statutory powers to compulsorily acquire land and property. While doing this council will also be acting in accordance with the commitments given in the Key Guarantees.

The council is looking to progress with a CPO to ensure that the considerable effort put into the master planning process, securing planning consent and implementing the Key Guarantees is not wasted and that the rebuilding plans can go ahead. Since a resolution to grant planning permission is in place the next step is to ensure that the council owns all the land it needs to so work can start to rebuild the estate. As such a CPO is just a part of the process of building better homes for current residents and more homes for those waiting on the housing lists.

As the council moves forward with the CPO it will talk to resident homeowners about their rights under the Key Guarantees to stay living on the rebuilt estate in a new home. This would involve resident homeowners selling their old homes to Homes for Lambeth and moving the value from their old homes (plus their home loss payment) into their new home.

What happens now?

Letters will be sent to all property owners on the estates prior to the council’s Cabinet considering the CPO. All property owners will receive the following over the next few weeks: 

• A letter in early September inviting property owners to negotiate a voluntary sale of their property. For resident homeowners, one of the options will be using their rights under the Key Guarantees to stay living on the rebuilt estate in a new home

• An invitation to attend drop-in sessions to discuss options

• A letter at the end of September making an offer to acquire their property. For resident homeowners, this will also include an offer on how they can stay on the rebuilt estate in a new home under the Key Guarantees

These letters will NOT be sent to secure tenants. Also, no one needs to move at the moment. A detailed phasing plan will be worked out in consultation with residents which will give details on when the council would expect people to need to move from their old homes.

The council’s Cabinet will be formally asked to consider commencing the CPO process for the estates. This is likely to happen later this year. The CPO will also then need the formal approval of the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government.



The work due to be carried out by St James (detailed in this newsletter) will happen in advance of the main works starting later in the summer. For the redevelopment of the rest of the site, we are expecting to start the Reserved Matters applications (detailed design work for planning approval) in April 2019 with the intention that we can start Phase 2 as soon as the St James first phase is completed.



In July 2018, the following site investigation works were completed on Phase 1 sites and surrounding areas:

-       Trial holes adjacent to garages

-       Condition surveys

-       Slit trenches / trial holes to determine exact location of below ground services in Wandsworth Road footpath

We are planning to start putting up the site hoarding in August, with the exact date to be confirmed. A hoarding licence has been received from London Borough of Lambeth to allow us to commence this work. Our designers are working through detailed coordination for the construction process and planning condition submissions have commenced to ensure any additional information Lambeth have requested is submitted in good time. All queries in relation to Phase 1 should be addressed to Lambeth for the time being. When St James start on site, relevant contact details will be provided.


St James have commissioned the following site works to be carried out by utility companies over the next couple of months. Works will happen around Site 1, adjacent near the bus stop on Wandsworth Road

These services diversions will not result in any disruption in your gas, water or electric supply. All operatives will be wearing id badges and branded high-vis jackets.

Four parking bays (identified in blue) will be suspended to allow for the contractors parking and storage. Parking suspension will be from the 5th August and signs will go up to notify of this.

Other early site works will include the disconnection of lamp posts on Site 2 - for Block C2 by the garages in early September and diversion of existing foul sewer date to be confirmed.



Activities in No.7





July: St James start construction Phase 1 (Block C2 & E)

Autumn 2018: Lambeth start talking to residents about the reserved matters applications for the overall masterplan

Autumn 2018: Residents discuss Lambeth’s Interior Specification

Summer 2019: Phase 1 completes and residents start moving in

Summer 2019: Additional phases start on site




We hope you and your families are all keeping well during this long hot Summer. This month we visited residents in Ilsley and Welford Courts.  Several elderly residents have reached a time in life when it’s difficult to cope with staircases.   One such resident told us that she was against the regeneration at the beginning but was now looking forward to making a “fresh start”.

Residents are asking us for more information about the order of phasing and when their blocks will be affected.  We are pushing the Council to update residents about this and will be raising this at the August Resident Engagement Panel meeting, where we also expect to learn more about the CPO process timeline.

Activities during August:

Outreach on the estate and home visits in the low-rise buildings

Wednesday 8 August (please call us if you’d like a home visit!)

Wednesday 1 August: REP meeting

Please get in touch if you have any questions about the regeneration or need any advice.


T: 0208 536 1436

0800 644 6040 (Freephone)

[email protected]


Westbury Estate Housing Management

Lambeth Housing Management

PO Box 41091

London, SW2 1XZ

Telephone: 020 7926 6000

Email: [email protected]

COUNCIL DROP-IN: Every Tuesday, No. 7 Fovant Court, 4-6pm

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the plans and how they will affect you, residents can come and speak to Andre and the Lambeth team at the weekly council drop in sessions.

You can also call, email or visit the website using the details below to find out more or to arrange a home visit.

Andre Gordon:
Project Officer Housing
& Regeneration

T: 020 7926 9306
[email protected]