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Westbury Estate Newsletter 23

The Development Management Team have published Newsletter #23 for Westbury Estate and it is available to read here.


The Development Management Team have published Newsletter #23 for Westbury Estate and it is available to read here.

In this Issue:

Coming up in June


make:good will continue to hold their informal drop in sessions every Friday afternoon for residents, starting from June 8th

Please note there will be no Coffee & Cake on June 1st



Pop by No. 7 Fovant Court every Tuesday afternoon to talk to Lambeth officers about any questions or concerns you may have.



REP Meeting sharing project updates, information on housing costs, and Leaseholder valuations

These sessions are open to all residents of Westbury Estate.


Lambeth Update

St James are now gearing up to start work on: Block C2, where the existing garages are; and Block E, by the bus stop in front of Durrington Tower, in summer 2018. At the moment they are carrying out further site investigations, finalising their detailed plans and getting prices from sub-contractors. Over the next few months they will start enabling works such as gas diversions and putting hoarding up around the site.


As we reported last month Lambeth’s Planning Application Committee resolved to grant outline planning permission, subject to signing a legal agreement, for the wider masterplan for the Westbury Estate. The outline planning application sets out the maximum number of new homes, the height of new buildings and their position in relation to surrounding buildings. There will be further applications before anything is built called Reserved Matters applications. These are used to agree the material, flat plans, landscaping and parking etc.


Update from St James

We are pleased to inform you that on Tuesday 8th May St James were granted Full Planning Permission for Phase 1, to build the 64 homes as part of the S106 agreement.
In May 2018, the following works were completed on the Phase 1 site and in the surrounding areas:

Ground investigations, Archaeological investigations and Sewer CCTV survey inspections.

The following St James works are to follow:


The site hoarding is still planned for July or August, with the exact date depending on findings from the investigation works as noted above.
At the same time, the designers are now working through detail coordination.
All concerns in relation to Phase 1 should be addressed to Lambeth for the time being. When St James start on site, appropriate emergency contact details will be provided.


Homes for Lambeth Update

Is Homes for Lambeth building homes to sell or rent?

HfL has been set up to build better homes for current residents and more genuinely affordable homes to help tackle the housing crisis in Lambeth.

As we have always said to pay for these more and better genuinely affordable homes, HfL needs to build private homes. HFL wants to rent these private homes so it can help improve conditions for private renters with longer tenancies and good quality homes. However, our viability testing showed that this approach would not maximise the surplus needed to build the genuinely affordable new homes we need. At the moment the best way to building the largest number of genuinely affordable new homes is to sell the new private market homes. HFL’s still wants to build new high quality private rented homes for Lambeth. As a result, HfL is continuing to look for ways of delivering all of its rebuilding schemes using private rent.


Make:good’s role from May 2018

As some of you may already know, from May 2018 Catherine and the make:good team will be now focusing more on weekly activities at No.7 and conversations about the new commercial space in Block E, programming of events and exploring skills, interests and services in the local area.

As part of this, Lambeth will be taking over their role at REP meetings and will lead on communications such as newsletter content and emails.



Site Preparation

Tree Removal

A total of 14 trees were removed in preparation for the construction of phase 1. These trees were identified to be removed in the planning application, which was granted on 27th February 2018.


Bore Holes

Further site investigations were carried around site 1 & 2 to clarify the positions of services and utilities. 16 boreholes were also dug with monitoring equipment installed as part of the ground investigation & archaeological assessment.


What Happens Next?


St James prepare to start works

St James start construction Phase 1 (Block C2 & E)

Lambeth start talking to residents about reserved matters applications for the overall masterplan

Lambeth decant team revisit residents to update HNS information


Residents discuss
Interior Specification

Phase 1 completes & residents start moving in.

Additional phases start on site.



Indicative Timeline


Timetable – June 2018

This month we are continuing with planting and harvesting at No.7 and getting crafty in some resident-led skill swapping sessions. From flower arranging, hanging basket making to preparing open sandwiches, there will always be an opportunity to have a potter in the garden and talk to neighbours over a tea so you don’t have to be feeling crafty to join us.



June greetings from your resident advice service

Since we’ve been working on Westbury we’ve built good relationships with many residents especially those in the low-rise buildings. Some residents are anxious about the changes that lie ahead whilst others are looking forward to the new homes.

The Council’s Decant Team will play a vital role in making sure that residents receive the support they need when moving home. Dionne and Angela from the Council’s Decant Team attended the last REP meeting and talked reassuringly about how residents will be supported.

During June and July, we will be on the estate talking to residents providing information and advice whilst, advocating for residents. We are asking the Council to consider the needs of residents in the towers when allocating the new homes. We are also working with the council with regards to providing white goods for the new social homes which will be built and are currently awaiting a decision on this matter.

Activities during May/June:

Outreach on the estate and home visits in the low-rise buildings: Wednesday 6th June 2018 & Wednesday 4th June 2018

REP Meeting with residents: Wednesday 20th June 2018

We also hope to attend Coffee and Cake on 29th June 2018


Westbury Estate Housing management

Lambeth Housing Management

PO Box 41091

London, SW2 1XZ

Telephone: 020 7926 6000

Email: [email protected]


Council Drop in

COUNCIL DROP-IN: Every Tuesday,  No. 7 Fovant Court, 4 - 6pm

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the plans and how they will affect you, residents can come and speak to Andre and the Lambeth team at the weekly council drop in sessions.

You can also call, email or visit the website using the details below to find out more or to arrange a home visit.



Andre Gordon

Project Officer Housing
& Regeneration

T: 020 7926 9306

[email protected]