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Westbury Estate Newsletter 18

The planning application for Westbury has now been submitted and validated.


We are pleased to confirm that the planning application for Westbury Estate has now been submitted and validated. This a major moment in the journey to building better homes for current residents on the estate and building more homes for families waiting on the council’s housing list.

UPDATE - Lambeth's outline application has now been validated and the reference number is 17/05991/OUT. You can view the application online here.

The St James full planning application for phase 1 has also been validated and the reference number is 17/06112/FUL. You can view the application online here.

The consultation period has been extended from the normal 21 day period to 5 weeks and runs until 26 January 2018.

Homeowners, Council Tenants, Private Tenants and Neighbours will shortly receive information through the post about the application and how people can comment on the plans.

You can read a summary note from Lambeth Council here and a summary note of the planning application here. You can also find out more about:

The outline planning application documentation can be viewed online  here.
Weekly Drop Ins
Weekly coffee and cake sessions will resume on the 05.01.18 at No.7 Fovant Court. Hard copies of the planning application documents will be available to view and Catherine from make:good will be there to answer questions
We will be holding two extended sessions from 3 - 7pm on Friday 12th RSVP  here and Friday 19th January RSVP here.
Council Drop Ins
Join Andre from Lambeth and members of the Development Management Team every Tuesday for Council Drop in sessions for an extended period of 4 - 8pm where there will be opportunities to view the planning application documents and ask questions. 
REP Meeting
This meeting will include updates from Lambeth and the Development Management Team including an update about the planning application and a discussion about the next steps

Why Westbury estate?

The existing homes on Westbury Estate, do not meet current design or insulation standards or meet the needs of many of the long-term residents for accessible homes. 

Due to government funding cuts and the cost of refurbishment, the council cannot afford to refurbish the existing homes to bring them up to standard. 

The Westbury Estate is developed at low density, with the exception of Durrington and Amesbury Towers, and provides very few homes given its large site area, and given such a well-connected location this also presents an opportunity for the council when so many people are in housing need.

This is because Lambeth, like all London boroughs, is facing a major housing crisis. Over 23,000 people are on our waiting list for a council home; the number of homeless families in temporary accommodation, the vast majority of which are families with children, has risen sharply; and 1,300 families are living in severely overcrowded homes. Every year, between 3,000 and 4,000 people apply to be on the council’s housing waiting list.  This is 60 to 80 households per week.  

In the context of these challenges, the council is seeking to improve the quality and quantity of affordable housing in Lambeth.

As a response to this level of housing need, the council has made a commitment to deliver more and better homes for our residents, and Homes for Lambeth (HfL) is a key part of this goal. 

HfL is a 100% council-owned housing company that we have set up specifically to deliver more and better homes for our residents.

Our commitment to residents

The ‘Key Guarantees’ were agreed by the council to give residents affected by regeneration the certainty that they will have the offer of a new home on their estate following regeneration. 

We will also give all residents the information and support that they need to make the best choices about their and their families’ futures. 

The guarantees were reviewed by the respected independent tenant engagement organisation TPAS to make sure that the Council’s offer is amongst the best provided by local authorities. 

Further information on the Key Guarantees can be found here.

Our Residents have shaped the proposed development

The design work for Westbury has been ongoing since the summer of 2016.  This process has included close working between the council’s team and a core group of residents.  

Monthly meetings with residents have helped to shape the development proposals and the outcomes and priorities from these discussions have been communicated to other residents in a monthly newsletter.   

Exhibitions for all local residents and other neighbours have taken place every 3-6 months during the design stages to make sure that that all those affected have the opportunity to see what is planned and to talk to the project team.  

The application submitted for 270 new homes on Westbury responds to the residents’ brief, and the council and Homes for Lambeth are committed to delivering the proposed scheme.


Better homes

The new homes will be well laid out and will meet a range of high quality standards set out in the London Plan and Homes for Lambeth’s design standards. 

You can find more information on the design standards here.

Of the 270 homes, 66 will be one-bedroomed homes. The existing one-bedroom homes are 29 to 42 sqm in area and the new homes will be a minimum of 50 sqmin area – 20% larger.

125 homes will be two-bedroomed homes. There are no existing two-bedroomed homes on the estate. The new homes will range from 63 to 71 sqm in area.  

72 homes will be three-bedroomed homes. The existing three-bedroomed homes are 75 sqm in area and the new homes will be a minimum of 86 sqm in area – 15% larger.

7 homes will be four-bedroom homes. The existing four-bedroom homes are 93 sqm in area and the new homes will be a minimum of 106 sqm in area – 14% larger.

All existing residents will get a new home

All the 38 remaining secure tenants on Westbury Estate, will get a new home at council rent which meets their needs, based on a detailed assessment of their situation.  This assessment looked at a large number of things including what size of home each particular household needs. We have also looked at how the new homes can respond flexibly to changing resident needs over time.

New affordable homes

In addition to the 38 existing residents that will be provided with new council level rented homes, the proposed development delivers a further 33 new affordable homes plus a further 18 shared ownership homes for existing homeowners. 

Combined together, the proposed Westbury development delivers 89 affordable homes in line with the council’s tenancy strategy and planning policy. Upon completion of the Westbury development, 50% of the habitable rooms across the wider estate, including retained blocks, will be affordable. In line with the council’s commitment to build ‘mixed and balanced’ communities, a proportion of the new homes will be intermediate homes for rent or shared ownership homes for existing leaseholders wishing to stay on the estate. These homes will provide housing options for those Lambeth residents that don’t qualify for social housing but are priced out of the private sector.

New private homes

The new affordable homes are funded by HfL building new private homes on site.  Westbury Estate, includes 181 private homes which will help pay for new affordable homes. 

Having your say

The application has been submitted and you need to comment on the application within the next 5 weeks as it has been agreed to extend the normal 21 day consultation period over the Christmas period and into January 2018. The Planning Authority will write directly to neighbours to let them know that the application has been submitted and the key dates they need to be aware of. 

To support residents and neighbours in viewing the planning application in full, a series of extended drop ins will be arranged once it has been checked and validated by the Planning Authority. 

Comments on the planning application can be sent to [email protected] or in writing to: Lambeth Planning, Phoenix House, First Floor, 10 Wandsworth Road, London, SW8 2LL.  

You should quote the planning application reference number 17/05991/OUT with any comments. 

More information on commenting on a planning application is available here: https://www.lambeth.gov.uk/planning-and-building-control/planning-applications-and-policies/comment-on-a-planning-application

If you would like any further information about the scheme or the planned exhibition please contact: [email protected]

Further information for residents is available at: 
Contact your local independent resident adviser Newman Francis:
Name: Howard Mendick  
Contact: 0208 536 1436 
Freephone: 0800 644 6040
E: [email protected]
W: www.newmanfrancis.org