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Westbury Estate Newsletter 16

The Development Management Team have published Newsletter #16 for Westbury Estate and it is available to read here.










We know that residents are eager to find out what is happening with the planning application for Westbury Estate and we can now confirm an outline application for the masterplan of Westbury Estate will be submitted around the end of October 2017. This outline application will set out the height of the new buildings and their position in relation to surrounding buildings but there will be further applications, called reserved matters, to agree the details of materials, landscaping, parking etc. Once the applications have been validated residents and some neighbours will receive a notification letter from Lambeth Planning Department letting people know how to provide comments. In addition all lowrise leaseholders will receive a second letter of notification for each application. You will be able to see all planning information online, at the Council offices and in No.7 Fovant Court.





The deadline for consultation on the new tenancies and leases is the 3rd of November 2017.



In September you will all have received a booklet to ask for feedback on Housing Management because Lambeth want to know what’s important to you about how the future estate will be looked after. This is because the rebuilding of your estate will only be successful if Homes for Lambeth both builds the more and better homes we need but also looks after them and you properly. While your new home and estate may be a few years away, we want to do this now so that Homes for Lambeth can start with the right approach and select the best housing management provider for the new estate.

Lambeth are looking for feedback on:

• How you want to talk to your estate’s housing management provider

• How you want to access their services

• How you want to report repairs and get them resolved

• How Homes for Lambeth should support you and your family

• How communal and shared spaces should be looked after

• How you should be involved in running your new estate

Your views, along with the feedback from consultation on tenancies and leases, will help to finalise the specification of services which will define what Homes for Lambeth expects from providers bidding to provide housing management services. The specifications will also help to determine the cost of these services to Homes for Lambeth and the level of the service charges for your new home.




Have your say - Housing Management C/O 

Consultation and Engagement Team Third Floor

Olive Morris House

Brixton Hill

SW2 1RD, London


ONLINE: http://estateregeneration.lambeth.gov.uk/housing_management_have_your_say


IN PERSON: Attend one of the events in No.7 Fovant Court and speak to Lambeth Council Officers or your independent advisors.



The deadline for consultation on housing management is the 15th of December 2017



Over the next 6 months make:good will be continuing their drop in sessions in No.7 Fovant Court as well as popping up around Westbury Estate to make it as easy as possible for residents to meet the team and ask any questions.



Building on the flourishing garden in no.7, which has had a bumper harvest this autumn, we will be looking at balcony gardening and what edible plants you can grow in pots and tubs. Every new home will have an outdoor space and we will have ideas and tips for those who are new to gardening and those who are green fingered but want to think about how they will work with a smaller or larger space than they have now.

Come along to one of our Friday afternoon sessions or join us during one of our REP meetings to find out more.




As residents will be aware the new homes on Westbury Estate will not have individual gas supplies all cooking hobs will need to be electric. 

Some people have told us they are not familiar with cooking on electric hobs and would like to experience using them. To help remedy this we have acquired a portable induction hob to run small group workshops and demonstrations All sessions will be held in No.7 Fovant Court so spaces are limited per session but we intend to run multiple sessions to accommodate everybody who is interested.

To find out more contact 0800 0720 265, [email protected] com, or drop into one of Friday afternoon sessions and talk to Amy, Victoria or Catherine.








Last month we attended the Council drop ins on the new tenancies. We are still awaiting a decision from the Council about whether the right to buy will be retained in the new assured lifetime tenancies. Next month we will be asking residents for their views about future housing management as part of the consultation process which will run into early December.


We will also be re-visiting Amesbury and Durrington Towers in early December, make:good will attend some of these sessions too. 

Upcoming Activities in October and November:

• Outreach with residents in the low-rise blocks, Tuesday 31 October, 2pm to 4pm

• Council Drop-in on the new leases, Tuesday 31 October, 4pm to 7pm, no. 7 Fovant

• Westbury REP meeting, Wednesday 1 November, 6pm to 8pm, no. 7 Fovant

• Leaseholders’ Workshop, Wednesday 15 November 6.30pm to 8pm, no. 7 Fovant

• Week commencing 27 November: we will be talking again with residents in the low-rise buildings


Get in touch:

T: 0208 536 1436 / 0800 644 6040 (Freephone)

Email: [email protected]


Best wishes,

Howard, NewmanFrancis Independent Advisor Service.