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Westbury Estate Newsletter 15

The Development Management Team have published Newsletter #15 for Westbury Estate and it is available to read here.


The Development Management Team have published Newsletter #15 for Westbury Estate and it is available to read here.








Last week the consultation for new tenancies and leases was launched and will be running until the 3rd November. Every household will have received a letter from Councillor McGlone introducing the consultation and hard copies of the tenancies and leases have also been delivered along with a consultation booklet. It should be noted that the tenancies and leases for your new home will be with Homes for Lambeth, not the council. Homes for Lambeth is a new group of companies wholly owned by the council. It will build homes at council rent, intermediate rent and market rent levels, with options for long tenancies and stable rents. 




In the coming months Lambeth will start being more proactive in their negotiations with leaseholders to agree terms of sale. Alongside this Lambeth will be starting the CPO process as a formal process necessary to ensuring The Council can deliver the full masterplan as planned.

If you have any questions about selling your home back to Lambeth please attend the weekly drop ins on Tuesday afternoons, 4 – 6pm, in 7 Fovant Court or contact Andre Gordon:

Tel: 020 792 69395 or e-mail [email protected]



At our and Newman Francis’ recent events we gathered feedback from Durrington Tower and Amesbury Tower residents that Block E would have a negative impact on their homes and we wanted to set out the design thinking behind Block E’s location.

Throughout this project we have heard regularly how important the green space around the towers is and therefore the master-plan, as approved by Lambeth’s cabinet in 2015, has always minimised the amount of new buildings on this green space. In order to balance building heights across the whole masterplan and keep the majority of the buildings between 5 – 7 storeys the masterplan has always included a taller building in Block E’s approximate location.

However, in response to feedback the DMT have refined the location and massing of Block E and tried to balance the distance from 418 Wandsworth Road, the relationship with Durrington Tower and the loss of mature trees on the corner of Portslade Road and Wandsworth Road which are specifi cally referenced in the Residents’ Brief: ‘The mature trees to the South East frontage of the estate close to Wandsworth Road are particularly important and must be retained.’

However, the proposals offer improvements to ALL residents of Westbury Estate:

• Improved landscape and public realm

• Improved play provision

• Improved access to Heathbrook Park

• Opportunity for tower residents with the required housing needs to move into the new homes after all lowrise residents have new homes



On the 16th September we had a garden party with all our home grown produce. We made chutneys, ketchup, spinach rolls, salsa and passata to use up the rather bumper crop of tomatoes we had grown. Homemade decorations, crackers and table cloths made the space look great and we are excited at what a creative and green fi ngered bunch or residents live on Westbury Estate. We will be compiling a recipe book with suggestions from residents so if you have anything to add please get in touch or drop it through the door of No. 7.



We made these lovely pizza scrolls filled with produce from the garden. These Pizza scrolls are absolutely delicious eaten warm but they also taste great the next day too and make a perfect lunch box treat.


1 carrot, grated
1 courgette, grated
2 cloves of garlic
1 onion
7 tomatoes
1/2 tsp oregano
320g puff pastry (1 sheet)
100g grated cheddar
1 egg, beaten


1. Preheat the oven to 200c. Line two baking trays with parchment paper

2. Dice the onion & fi nely chop garlic. Put a pan with a little oil on a medium heat & fry onion & garlic until soft (around 5 minutes).

3. Add grated carrot courgette & oregano to the pan & fry for 2 minutes.

4. Roughly dice tomatoes into big chunks & add to the veg mix. Add a pinch of salt & pepper. Turn heat to low & let simmer for 10 minutes.

5. Roll out the pastry, spread the tomato sauce on top. Sprinkle cheese.

6. Starting with the shorter side of the pasty, roll the pastry up, keeping it as tight as possible. Cut roll into 8 pieces & put on baking tray. Brush with an egg wash, & bake in the oven for 15 minutes.

7. Allow the rolls to cool a little before eating so that they keep their shape.




We happened to grow a LOT of these pumpkins and we are not sure what to do with them. If you have any ideas or would like one to test out some recipes on please pop by to No. 7 Fovant Court and pick up one or two, or more!








Now that Summer is over there will be lots of regeneration activity over the next few months as the Council moves forward with its proposals. The delayed planning application is almost ready to be submitted and there will be periods of consultation around the new tenancies and leases as well as how the new homes will be managed. The Independent Advisors asked Lewis Silkin, a firm of solicitors to review the Council’s proposed new tenancies and leases. In our view, they did a thorough job. We will be attending the Council drop ins during October to make sure that residents understand how the new tenancies and leases will work and that these important documents meet their expectations. During August, we undertook outreach in Amesbury and Durrington towers. Many residents in the towers expressed concerns about the new development. We have therefore asked the Council to talk with residents from the towers so that their concerns can be addressed and this newsletter includes a response to concerns about the position of Block E. However, we are pleased that the Council is demonstrating a commitment to provide opportunities for tower block residents, (where there is real need), to move into the new homes. In our view, this needs to happen so that at least some tower block residents benefit directly from the regeneration. We are continuing to press the Council to provide white goods in the new homes, (starting with Phase 1), as well as for more information about the tenure mix in the new development. We are also asking the Council to ensure that residents who move off the estate move into properties which are ready to move into and decorated to a good standard. During September, we will talk to residents in the low-rise buildings to make sure that everyone is aware of what’s happening and that the Key Guarantees are fully understood.

Activities in October:

Outreach with residents from the low-rise blocks –

Tuesday 10 -  October 2pm to 4pm

Tuesday 31- October 2pm to 4pm.

We will also attend the Council drop ins on these dates

For more information:

Tel: 0208 536 1436 / 0800 644 6040 (Freephone)

Email: [email protected]