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Westbury Estate Newsletter 11

The Development Management Team have published Newsletter 11 for Westbury Estate and it is available to read here.

The Development Management Team have published Newsletter 11 for Westbury Estate and it is available to read here.

Inside this issue:



In week beginning 15th May Bat Surveys will be carried out on Westbury Estate. There will be two surveyors positioned

outside the lowrise buildings and bat sightings and behaviours will be recorded. The dusk survey will began 30 minutes

before dusk and end 1.5 hrs after dusk. Any dawn surveys will commence 1.5 hours before dawn.


In May we will be holding our fourth pre-planning public exhibition. Contact [email protected]make-good.com or 0800 0720 265 with any comments or questions before then.


May’s REP Design Workshop focuses on the planning application process and the next steps. Please remember that ALL residents of Westbury Estate are welcome to attend these sessions.


In the last month St James and EPR have been focusing on the interiors of Block E and Block C2 which are Phase One of the building programme. In response to feedback from residents and neighbours, including the REP panel, St James and EPR have made the following amendments:

Site 1 (BLOCK E)

  • Some homes in Block E will have shared kitchen and living spaces and some homes will have separate kitchen and living spaces.
  • There will be one bedroom, two bedroom and three bedroom homes that will have separate kitchen and living spaces.


  • Two of the ground and lower group floor duplexes will now be two bedroom homes with private gardens.
  • These homes will now have private balconies that face onto Wandsworth Road rather than the balconies off the walkway.
  • The 6 homes on the third and fourth floors will now be 3 bedroom homes and will have separate kitchen and living spaces. Their private balconies also face on Wandsworth Road.
  • Of the 24 homes in this block a significant number currently have separate kitchen and living spaces although we are currently testing the final 2 in terms of daylight and sunlight.
  • The separation distance between Brooklands Court and the building is approximately 5m to minimise the impact on the daylight of the existing homes in this building.


Key Guarantees - As I mentioned last month the Improved Key Guarantees were approved by cabinet in March 2017, updated booklets will be distributed to all residents at the end of May.

Phasing - We know that phasing has been an important discussion for residents over the last few weeks and the Council are currently reviewing the approaches, taking on board resident feedback, and are aiming to be in a position to confirm the approach we intend to take by July 2017.

New Tenancies and Leases - Further to the resident consultation last year on the tenancies and leases your Independent Advisors are currently identifying a lawyer to provide an independent legal review and critique of the new Homes for Lambeth draft tenancies and leases, including assessing them against questions/comments raised by residents to date. Following this review the Council will update the draft tenancies and leases which will then go out for consultation with residents in July.

Please do drop in to see me at Fovant Court on a Tuesday if you want to discuss this in more detail.


For those of you who have visited No.7 recently you will have seen that the garden has been temporarily transformed into a space for food growing. Inspired by some green fingered local residents we planted our first veggies back in November 2016 and now they are starting to sprout.

We are growing: Beans (a few kinds), potatoes, onions, garlic, tomatoes, strawberries, squash, chilli, beetroot, broccoli, herbs, cucumber, and edible flowers such as marigolds, sunflowers & pansies!

In the new estate their will be provision for food growing so this has been a good way to test out if people are interested in this activity and the answer has been YES some people are really keen. Come along every Friday afternoon or when we have our drop in sessions in May to see and find out more.


Since September we have been talking to residents about their memories of living on Westbury Estate as part of our weekly

Coffee & Cake sessions. We think it is really important that we

capture these personal stories and reflect them in some way. We

have started to make collages and artworks that reflect these

stories and we intend to transform the wall on the garden to

No.7 into a mural. Some residents have already got hands on

and made their own collages and some have instructed Amy and

Catherine on what images they would like to use but if you would

like to get involved come along on a Friday afternoon and we can

turn your ideas into life.



Over the next few months a great deal will happen. The council’s proposals for the designs will continue to take shape before being submitted for planning approval. The final set of Key Guarantees will be published and sent to everyone on the estate. There will be more information about Homes for Lambeth and how the new development will be managed. There will be further consultation around the future HfL tenancies and leases. All of this will impact on Westbury residents.

Our role is to make sure that all this change is well managed and that residents are supported and engaged in decisions. We aim to provide a genuinely independent service and help residents see the broader picture. We also advocate strongly for residents. It was pleasing that the Council is now providing an indication about living costs in the new homes as we’ve been requesting this. Over time we will also expect the Council to provide more detailed information about living costs, especially service charges.

During May as well as talking to residents in the low-rise buildings we’ll also be undertaking outreach in the towers:

  • Amesbury Tower: Tuesday 23 May, 5-7.30pm
  • Durrington Tower: Wednesday 24 May 5-7.30pm

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Telephone: 020 8536 1436 Email: [email protected]