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Westbury Estate Newsletter #10

The tenth newsletter by the Development Management Team has been produced for Westbury Estate and is available to read here.  

The Development Management Team has been produced newsletter #10 for Westbury and you can read it here.

Inside this issue:

What's happening on your estate:

In order to provide more and better homes in the area, Lambeth are planning to redevelop part of Westbury Estate. Because we want to produce a design which you, the residents, are happy with, we will be doing all we can to ensure that you are:

informed about what is happening, involved in the process, so that you can; influence what happens next.  

Coming up in April


Update on Phase 1 Block C2

This will read as 5 storeys from Wandsworth Road and 6 storeys from the estate and contains a mixture of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes. Ground and lower ground level homes will be accessed from private front doors and homes at all other levels will be accessed via a secure communal entrance with lifts and stairs to floors 1 - 4. The top two floors are set back to reduce the appearance of height from Wandsworth Road.

In response to residents feedback, the St James Team has looked at creating a more private space for the maisonettes located on the ground floor. Each home on the ground floor has a private entrance which will act as a defensible space between Wandsworth Road and their home. The bedroom window on the ground floor will now take the form of half height rather that the full height originally shown to ensure greater privacy for the residents. It is worth reminding everyone that none of the homes on the lower ground level have bedrooms due to the area being in a Flood Risk Zone.

Update on Phase 1 Block E

This will read as 9 storeys from Wandsworth Road and 10 storeys from the Westbury Estate. The building comprises two interlocking structures with the lower shoulder being 4 storeys and the taller element being 9/10 storeys. Since the last engagement event, the building has been set back further from the former Westbury Pub to increase the separation distance between the buildings. Block E contains a mixture of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom homes. The building will include commercial space which will front onto Wandsworth Road, this will be managed and let by the Council. The residential entrance to the homes will be from within the Estate opposite Durrington Tower.

The building will be predominantly brick and will have a range of recessed and cantilevered balconies. In response to both resident and neighbour feedback the communal garden for Block E will be open to the public and not exclusively used by residents in Block E.


The design team have started to look at possible internal layouts for the new homes. At the exhibition people were positive that room by room the new homes will be larger but we received mixed response to open plan or separate kitchens. We are not expecting everybody to agree on their preferences, which is why Lambeth have committed to providing a range of homes where some have open plan kitchen living space and some have separate spaces.

Having taken on board residents feedback, the 4 bed homes and the 2 bed homes in block C2 will have separate kitchen and living spaces. The maisonette on the lower ground will have an open plan living arrangement due to daylight and sunlight matters. 

Drawings and models of the proposed layouts, including open plan and separate kitchens, can be seen in No.7 Fovant Court.

Dilan's Update


We have started to think about the order in which the new homes are built which is called Phasing. We are trying to keep disruption and the length of construction time to a minimum and have been speaking to residents about possible approaches.

Key Guarantees

On the 23rd March Lambeth’s Cabinet approved the improved Key Guarantees. A revised booklet containing the updated Key Guarantees will be circulated to all residents towards the end of May.

Cost of Living in New Homes

One question we are asked regularly is how much will it cost me to live in the new homes. At the moment the council can’t put an exact figure on this. However, what we can say is that some costs which are based on the value of the new homes (rent and council tax) could go up while others (such as service charges and heating) should go down because the new homes will be well insulated and built to a high quality which minimises maintenance issues. We also know that this is a real issue of concern for residents and we are working hard to make the new homes as cheap as possible to live in and look after. One way to give an indication of costs is to monitor the running costs of new council homes. We can share with you the rents that are being charged on the new council home built on Akerman Road that some residents visited in February. 

To discuss any of these topics in more detail or ask specific questions of Lambeth please visit one of our upcoming drop in sessions or come to the next REP Meeting on the 26th April. RSVP here

Your Independent Advisors

During April we will be continuing our outreach and advocacy work. When we talk to residents we ask you about the aspects of the regeneration you are happy with as well as anything which may give you some cause for concern so that we can ask Lambeth for answers.

Upcoming Activities:

We will be talking again to residents in the Tower Blocks during May.

Valuations Workshop for Leaseholders: 12.04.17 6.30-8.30pm, 7 Fovant Court

Outreachin the Low-Rise Buildings: 19.04.17, 5 - 8pm

We’d like to thank Westbury residents for your support during the consultation about the Key Guarantees and we will continue to ask for clarifications residents have asked us to confirm with Lambeth.

For more information:

T: 0208 536 1436 / 0800 644 6040 (Freephone)

Email: [email protected]

Timetable of Events

Indicative Timeline