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Westbury Estate March Public Drop in

Last week we held two public drop in sessions for neighbours of Westbury Estate to see the developing designs.  

The Development Management Team presented information that has been shared with residents at REP meetings and in newsletters since our last public event in January. Information presented was:

  • Heights, Open Space and Landscape update - information about the new routes and spaces in between (view here)
  • Materials updates and information about the building from the outside (view here)
  • Information about the new blocks as part of Phase 1, including interior layouts of 1 and 3 bedroom homes (view here

These events were attended by 48 residents and neighbours.

Key feedback for the information presented included: 

Block E

  • Neighbours were concerned that this building is too tall. However, the maximum height of this building was set as 10 storeys in the master plan approved by Lambeth's cabinet in November 2015.
  • Residents and neighbours liked the idea of a shop or a cafe at the bottom of Block E along Wandsworth Road.

Block C2

  • People were generally positive about the way this block is starting to look and that the top two floors are set back to reduce the height from the street
  • Some neighbours were concerned about the impact of the building on their light
  • There were some concerns that the ground floor homes in block C2 have a bedroom that faces onto Wandsworth Road 

Interiors (1 and 3 bedroom homes comparison)

  • Mixed views on the open plan and separate kitchen and living spaces so people were pleased Lambeth are committing to a range across the estate
  • Residents were pleased that comparing the room sizes the new homes will be larger.


  • Residents and neighbours were pleased that the buildings would be predominantly brick.
  • The precedent images were useful to understand what people do or do not like about types of brickwork. 

Front Gardens

  • Residents liked the idea of the front gardens and marking out the area on the ground outside No.7 really helped.
  • The planting on the public side was seen as a good idea to make sure it is maintained.

East West route

  • Like that this will be a clear route through the estate but want to make sure that it would be used as a cut through during the school run and that it is safe for children to walk through.

North South Route

  • People liked that there would be a clear route and view through to Heathbrook Park.


  • Resident liked that the parking is spread across the estate to avoid large areas dedicated to cars.
  • However, they asked for confirmation on how parking permits will work on the estate including permits for visitors.

Play & Biodiversity on Mounds

  • Residents and neighbours liked this idea but wanted to balance space to play with space to sit, walk dogs and green space to look out over.
  • Residents of the towers were keen that this equipment is made of natural material and does not impact on their view of green space.

Communal Gardens

  • People liked that the communal gardens will be secure but some felt that the height of the fences at the rear of the private gardens should be higher.

Private Gardens

  • These remain a priority for some residents and now that Lambeth have completed the Housing Needs Assessment the design team can begin to understand the exact demand for private gardens. 


  • Parents and children had lots to say about play provision and ideas for equipment they would like to see.
  • However, we understand that it is important that not every space is dedicated to play.

Other Concerns

Other concerns that were raised were about how the construction process will be managed, general affordability for residents and concerns about there being no real improvement to the towers. With regards to the towers, Lambeth think it is important not to propose changes to the towers that would result in Section 20 notices for leaseholders in the towers. 


All of the feedback will now be processed and shared with the design team and Lambeth. If you have any additional comments please send them through to Catherine via [email protected] or phone 0800 0720 265.

We will be holding our next public exhibition in early May ahead of the Planning application submission.