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Westbury Estate Green Fingers

We had a great day on Westbury last Saturday getting our green fingers out and talking all things landscaping.

We were delighted to have David Dandridge from Bandstand Beds ran a workshop on food growing helping us fill temporary planters in the garden with garlic, onions, cabbage and beans to start our Westbury food growing project. One of the questions the Development Management Team have is about whether residents are interested in having food growing areas within the new estate so we thought planting food would be a great way to start this conversation so let us know what you think about having a communal food growing area.

Andre, the landscape architect, shared 5 sketches to start thinking about the qualities of the new open spaces on Westbury Estate.

There is some important planning policy around open space and play provision which means we will be aiming to provide:

Approximately 1450 sq.m of play for under 5's. We call this door step play as it is generally really close to people's homes.

Approximately 800 sq.m of play for 5-11 year olds. This might be provided within the estate but could also include providing some additional equipment within Heathbrook Park.

Approximately 500 sq.m of play for 12+. This would include the football pitch and equipment within the football cage but could also include providing some additional equipment within Heathbrook Park.

This equates to more formal play provision than there currently is on Westbury Estate.

Image 1: Private gardens leading onto communal space.

This image shows private gardens for the larger homes at ground floor leading onto a communal space for the two blocks which border the space.

Some positive things residents told us were:

  • The idea of looking over a well kept green space with trees would be lovely
  • The communal area would feel safer for children to play in

Some concerns residents told us were:

  • The communal area would be narrow and dark with the trees and the size of the private gardens
  • The communal play area may not be used if people have their own private gardens
  • Privacy between back gardens and the communal area and back gardens 

Image 2: Public or Communal pocket play spaces

This image shows a series of smaller play spaces along the East – West route.

Some positive things residents told us were:

  • Play for younger children would be good
  • These spaces should be communal and not for use by the public
  • Greener spaces for play would be nicer to look out onto

Some concerns residents told us were:

  • If these spaces are near parking they must have a secure boundary
  • Play spaces being close to people’s front doors and windows
  • We want peaceful spaces to picnic, sit and play. Is it possible to create these qualities where cars are driving and parking.
  • Shared surfaces near play areas would not be safe for children

 Image 3: Public or Communal pocket play spaces near the tower


This image shows publicly accessible pocket play spaces leading to the towers. Parking could be interspersed with trees.

Some positive things residents told us were:

  • The idea of having greenery inbetween parking would look better and help with air quality
  • Having many smaller areas of play equipment would mean play would be closer to more people’s homes

Some concerns residents told us were:

  • It is important that there is play space that is accessible to children who live in the towers not just play provided for the new homes.

Image 4: Entrance from Wandsworth Road

This images shows steps and a ramp leading from Wandsworth Road level down to the estate level with planting and greenery to mark the entrance of the estate.

Some positive things residents told us were:

  • Keeping as much greenery and trees as possible
  • Keeping as the level of parking as existing

Some concerns residents told us were:

  • Communal planting must be low maintenance to reduce service charges
  • A main route to Heathbrook Park through the estate making it less quiet
  • Green planting near Wandsworth Road never being used
  • Shared surfaces being unsafe if children are also playing outside

Image 5: Boundary with Heathbrook Park

This image looks at removing the existing boundary with Heathbrook to make access to the park easier.

All the residents we spoke to said they were concerned that opening the park up into the estate would make the area less safe. People were keen to keep a boundary between the park and the estate.

Nataly and Amy from make:good will be in No.7 Fovant Court on Friday for our regular coffee and cake sessions so please drop by and let us know your thoughts on landscape and open spaces.  RSVP here