The Westbury estate, located on Wandsworth Road near Wandsworth Road station, will be rebuilt to create a better place for existing and new residents.

Westbury estate CGI

Designed by award-winning architects Metropolitan Workshop, in close consultation with local residents, the plans introduce two new, safe routes through the estate, better connecting it to the surrounding area and Heathbrook Park.  There will be more usable green space within the estate, and buildings will be in keeping with the handsome local architecture.  All homes will be modern with practical storage and low running costs. 

The overall programme for Westbury will provide 334 new homes, delivered across three phases.  38 of the new homes will be for existing council tenants and a further 77 new homes for people on the council’s housing list, with a minimum of 153 new affordable homes being built overall. 

Phase 1

St James is delivering 64 new homes at council-level rent on two sites on Wandsworth Road.  Work is now underway, so existing residents will have new homes to move into in 2021, before Phase 2 begins. 

Phase 2

The main estate redevelopment takes place in Phase 2, with some low-rise buildings being replaced and the landscaping revitalised. Outline planning permission has been granted for 270 new homes, of which 89 will be affordable, incorporating 46 at council-level rent.  The work will start late on in 2020 and homes will be delivered in stages from 2022 onwards.

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