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Weekly Update 22 March 2021

South Lambeth Weekly Update 22 March 2021

Weekly Update for week commencing 22 March 2021


  • We are now commencing works to the Substation. The substation forms part of the wider plan for the development and will be used for all other phases to give power to new homes.
  • We continue to lay the last run of drainage to the west side of the building adjacent to Corbet Street. We will complete the drainage next week allowing us to finish the last concrete pour section on the ground floor.
  • We have completed 75% of the ground floor pour to date. Next week we will complete the last 25%
  • We have to date poured the first half of the first-floor slab and have started erecting columns to level 2. We will continue next week and once all columns to the first section are complete we can then stand the decking in preparation for the next concrete pour to level 1
  • We will continue to erect decking to the first floor on level 1 pour 2. We will complete the pour to level 1 next week.
  • Tower crane in use lifting materials to all areas inside site boundary

Click here to view the residents progress plans. 

Picture above shows an example of concrete pour

Picture to show how concrete columns are f