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Construction Update - week commencing 19 April 2021


  • Our first-floor slab is now complete and we’re progressing up to the second.
  • The second floor concrete is complete to 50% of the slab and the other 50% will be poured on Tuesday 20. We will have a concrete pump in for this day.
  • Decking to level 4 is underway. Half of the slab at level 4 will form part of the resident’s roof terrace. We are pouring part of level 4 on Friday 23rd and we will have a concrete pump in for this day.
  • Services and drainage running up the area where the crane is situated are underway and will continue next week.
  • As the concrete begins to cure this allows us to remove the formwork decking. You will notice more banging when removing the back propping, but we will ensure to stay within our agreed noise limits. Back propping and formwork are technically like a mould for the concrete.
  • Tower crane in use lifting materials to all areas inside site boundary and we will continue to be lifting materials off lorries from Dorset Rd. This has been agreed by the Local Highways with strict protocols to adhere too
  • In line with our planning conditions we are now working Saturdays between the hours of 8am – 1pm.

Picture 1. Showing first to second floor structure forming. (moulds to create concrete structure).

Picture 2. Showing the wooden back propping around the edges to create the concrete shape.