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Westbury Estate Wall Mural

In celebration of the lovely stories that have been shared with us by residents we have created a wall mural in No. 7 Fovant Court. 

In addition to the Westbury Estate Memory Archive, we wanted to find a way to visually represent the stories and memories we have been capturing from Westbury Residents. We decided to collaboratively design and create a mural for the wall in the garden of No.7 Fovant Court. To kick off the process we ran sessions at Coffee and Cake in which we asked people to draw Matisse style paper cut outs that reflected some of their stories within the archive. This method is called ‘drawing with scissors’.



We chose 6 different colours, including the infamous ‘Westbury Blue’, which the buildings are painted in which featured in one of the archive stories. Each person cut out an icon that told a different story. The cut out icons were then put into groups representing different categories along a timeline. These ranged from the estate when it was built in the 50s, to the animals and pets on Westbury estate, and another with stories about food, leisure and plants.


mural_60s.JPG murals_animals_pets.JPG mural_leisure_and_plants.JPG


Some of the icons include shapes from the old brutalist playground that sat in the middle of the estate, a bowl like form to represent the ‘witches hat’ sculpture, and a shoe that told of one resident who lost their shoe on the morning of their wedding! We then painted these icons over two days, the mural was designed in such a in a way that you could see it from the upper levels of the buildings. The mural was a point of discussion for residents and neighbours, trying to find their icons and guessing the stories behind each. 


If there is a story you would like to see in the archive or timeline please email us at [email protected] or pop by No. 7 Fovant Court between 3 and 5pm every Friday. Find out more about Westbury Estate Events here.