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Vegetable Harvest and Recipes at No.15

Months of weekly love, care and hard work by residents at the No.15 garden resulted in an abundance of vegetables and herbs on Knight’s Walk, read more about what we have been doing with the harvest here.


We weren’t expecting it, but months of weekly love and care to the No.15 garden with residents sewing seeds, pruning, chopping, watering and feeding the plants resulted in a real abundance of vegetables and herbs on Knight’s Walk!

The garden at No.15 started up after conversations with residents about the value and importance that plants and flowers have on Knight’s Walk and an on going dialogue about the new outdoor spaces, both private and communal, and what could be grown in them.

Before we knew it, in May and June was upon us and the glut of courgettes and tomatoes began. This exciting time of growth expanded our gardening conversations with residents not just to planting and maintenance but also to what can be done with home-grown vegetables like these.


We began serving our weekly sandwiches at Coffee and Cake with cheese and slices of tomatoes fresh from the garden and trialled lots of different recipes with courgettes, ranging from savoury courgette and feta fritters to sweet courgette and lemon cakes. In August residents of Knight’s Walk helped us to pick the fresh herbs from the garden and we placed them in a dehydrator to store them in glass jars for cooking.

IMG_3950.JPG IMG_0665.JPG

Residents drying herbs from the garden in the dehydrator and sandwiches made with garden tomatoes. 

All of this talk of vegetables, cooking and preserving with new ingredients inevitably led to conversations about recipes and memories of cooking and most importantly eating. On the 24th August we held a Recipe Swap at No.15 where residents brought along their favourite recipes and cookbooks (some of which were from the 1920s!). We nibbled on home made courgette fritters and healthy veggie sausage rolls whilst collating some wonderful recipes for the Knight’s Walk Recipe Book -  including classics such as apple pie and pancake batter and more challenging recipes like cypriot meatballs (or Keftedes).

IMG_0298.JPG  IMG_0300.JPG

If you would like to contribute to the Knight’s Walk Recipe Book email us your recipe to [email protected]