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Update on Construction Works at South Lambeth

We want to provide you with an update on the construction works currently taking place in and around Wimborne House.

Both the council and Homes for Lambeth have received enquiries from residents regarding the temporary access arrangements and questioning the information sent to residents by the Homes for Lambeth contractor Hill before they arrived on Monday 12 October.

Entrance hall and community centre

The council is working with Engie, the contractors undertaking the refurbishment of the entrance hall and community centre, to ensure the works are completed as soon as possible. Although the works are scheduled to complete during February 2021, the council is in discussions with Engie to accelerate the works on the entrance hall. These works will see a new entrance created at the rear of Wimborne House and the current entrance retained and improved. The next newsletter will include confirmation of any revised date.

Residents will need to continue to use the front entrance until completion of the Engie works. A temporary ‘Means of Escape’ is being erected in the entrance which will be in place whilst works are completed to the rear. This is a temporary secondary fire exit for residents, who should continue to use the entrance at the front.

South Lambeth Newsletter

The newsletter sent to all residents on Monday 05 October entitled “South Lambeth”, provided information about Hill, the contractor who will be building the new homes for Homes for Lambeth on the land between Wimborne House and Dorset Road. This newsletter also explained how residents could access their building during the works.

The leaflet said residents should use the new back entrance. This was an error, and we would like to take this opportunity to apologise for the incorrect information given regarding this matter and for the added inconvenience this may have caused residents.

From the Friday 13 November residents will need to use the new footpath from the front entrance of Wimborne House leading out on to Cobbett Street.

The existing footpath, currently linking Wimborne House with Dorset Road, will then be closed to enable Block A construction work by Hill to continue in this area.

A gateman will monitor the site boundary and provide emergency services access on to the Homes for Lambeth site if required. They will work during the hours the contractors are not on-site and will start work on the evening of Monday 09 November. The provision of this gateman will remain in place, during evenings and weekends, until the new rear entrance to Wimborne House is finished by Engie.

The council, Engie, Homes for Lambeth and Hill are and will continue to work together to reduce any inconvenience to residents caused by the different sets of work.

Emergency vehicle access

We understand why some residents may be concerned regarding emergency vehicle access. Please be assured that all the necessary checks have been conducted and we have assurances the building works pose no threat to the ability of emergency vehicles to respond to any call at Wimborne. The Fire Brigade have been informed of the new dry riser (firefighting equipment) location and confirmed it is accessible to their vehicles.

While we can confirm all the required health and safety checks have been undertaken, we understand that some residents have reported not feeling safe given these changed access arrangements. All residents should feel safe in their homes; we have taken the following enhanced actions to enable residents to feel safe:

  • As outlined above, outside of normal working hours, the Hill site will be patrolled by a gateman. This person will be able to access the site when the contractors are not working; this will also allow for the site to be opened up in the case of any emergency.
  • Additional signage has been displayed on the fencing to alert all visitors/vehicles as to the nearest entrance to the block.

If residents have any concerns about the works of either the Hill or Engie works, they should use the contact details below.

Hill (new homes works to the front of Wimborne)
Phone: 0800 032 6760 (freephone) 8am to 8pm, seven days a week
Email: [email protected]

Engie(works to the back entrance, reception and community centre)
Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm
Phone: 07768 577 894
Email : [email protected]
Out of hours phone: 0800 032 0443

Disabled parking bays

Both the council and Homes for Lambeth appreciate the building of the new homes, has had an impact on the availability of parking spaces on the estate and understand the inconvenience this may cause. Our priority is to ensure that residents with disabled blue badges can park as close to their homes as possible.

Four temporary disabled parking bays have been installed on Cobbett Street and Dorset Road. The location of these temporary disabled bays may need to change depending on the stage of buildings works. If the location of these bays needs to change, the council will consult residents in advance on possible alternative locations.

General parking

There has also been a request that residents be able to use their estate parking permits to park on surrounding roads that currently require a separate on-street permit. We can confirm that from Wednesday 11 November 2020, residents who currently hold a Wimborne House estate parking permit, will be able to use their permit to park on Dorset Road.

Finally, throughout our borough-wide regeneration programme, both the council and Homes for Lambeth are committed to learning lessons at every stage. Please be assured that your experiences and concerns are listened to, and they help us improve not just on the delivery of the new homes on your estate, but on all the estates we are working with.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter. If you have any questions regarding the matters raised in this letter, please contact:

Maxine Igbinedion on [email protected] or 07588 561771

We would also like to remind residents there is a regular Resident Engagement Panel meeting. These are open to all residents and are where Homes for Lambeth, the council and relevant contractors will engage with residents about the rebuilding of the estate. If you would like to attend the next panel meeting or would like more information, please contact Maxine Igbinedion on [email protected] or 07588 561771.

Yours sincerely,
Paul Simpson Interim Director of Operations, Homes for Lambeth

Tim Fairhurst
Assistant Director – Neighbourhood Housing, Lambeth Council