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The future of Central Hill estate

Sue Foster, the Strategic Director for Neighbourhoods and Growth, has written to Central Hill residents. The letter is below and residents should receive a copy in the next few days.



Dear Resident,

The future of Central Hill estate - an update

I am writing on behalf of the Council to sincerely apologise for the uncertainty caused to you and your family for the delays in making a decision about the future of Central Hill estate. As you will know, towards the end of last year the Council carried out an extensive consultation exercise on the future of your estate, speaking to over 300 residents. I would like to thank those residents who took the time to let us know their views.

I can now confirm that the future of the estate will be considered by the Council’s March cabinet. The reason for the delay has been because we needed to fully consider the feedback from last year's consultation. We also needed to learn any lessons from the recent legal challenge to the Council’s plans to rebuild Cressingham Gardens estate. Although this challenge was not upheld, the Council needs to consider the observations made by the judge in his lengthy judgment.

Details of the Cabinet meeting, along with the report that will be discussed, will be online in due course.

Residents can speak at the cabinet meeting. To do this, you need to contact democratic services before the day of the meeting, explaining what element of the proposals you would like to speak about. This can be done by calling 020 7926 1065 or email [email protected] 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the programme manager for Central Hill, Fiona Cliffe, on the details below:

T: 020 7926 6728 or 07860 180 559/ 07867 352094

E: [email protected]

Fiona will also be temporarily based in the housing office at Lunham Rd on Tuesdays – 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm.

Again, please accept my sincere apology for the delays in the council making a decision about the future of Central Hill estate.

Yours faithfully,

Sue Foster OBE

Strategic Director Neighbourhoods and Growth

London Borough of Lambeth

Email: [email protected]


Residents should receive the letter in the next few days.