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TCC & Consultation Feedback

You might have noticed that a number of researchers have been speaking to Central Hill residents over the last few weeks, asking for their views on the future of the estate. This is part of the formal process of consulting you on our recommended option for Central Hill, which is to fully rebuild the estate.

Lambeth Council have appointed TCC, an independent research company, to collect and analyse the feedback of residents on the proposal to rebuild the Estate. TCC are practitioner partners of The Consultation Institute and company partners of the Market Research Society. As such, they are legally obliged to accurately and fairly report the findings of this consultation.

They will collect all feedback gathered from residents, analyse the results and report the findings. This will be used to inform the council’s cabinet when they make the final decision on the future of estate.

All feedback forms are numbered. This to avoid duplicating feedback forms and residents being disturbed more than once. All feedback provided by individuals will remains anonymous. Obviously, you are not obliged to complete the feedback form, but the council is keen to hear all residents’ views on the future of the estate.

If you have any questions or concerns about the consultation or the estate, you can get in touch via:

Fiona Cliffe (Project Manager) on 07860 18055920
Lauren Tyrrell (Project Officer) on 07720828260
Email: [email protected]

or visit the Regeneration Office at the Resource Center on the estate during these times:

Monday         4pm – 8pm
Tuesday        10am – 5.30pm
Wednesday    4pm – 8pm

PPCR your Independent Advisors are available to all residents and non-resident leaseholders with support and advice throughout the regeneration process. You can contact Helen or Abraham at PPCR via the following methods:

Freephone (for landlines): 0800 317 066
Telephone: 0207 407 7452
Email: [email protected]