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Surveys on the Westbury Estate

Over the next few weeks you may notice people on the estate carrying out inspections. This is because the Council is commissioning surveys to be carried out on the estate ahead of works that will happen as a part of the regeneration of the estate. 

These surveys will look at things like the condition of the ground, the contours of the land and existing features on the estate. This is to make sure that when building work starts there are no unexpected issues which could slow this down. 

At this stage there is no need for these people to come into your home. If, at a later date, there is a need to look at something in your home the Council will make a specific appointment with you to do this.

These inspections follow on from the Cabinet decision on 9th November 2015 to partially redevelop Westbury Estate and build more and better homes the borough needs. This will see:

  • Amesbury and Durrington Towers retained
  • The low-rise blocks (Isley, Fovant, Welford and Allington Courts) replaced with all existing homes re-provided along with new homes built on the estate. 

There is a lot of detailed work that needs to happen on the Westbury Estate before any rebuilding takes place and we do not expect any building work to start until 2017 at the earliest. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via:

E: [email protected] 

T: 0207 926 9395.