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Supporting residents to make the best choices

To reduce uncertainty for residents we are committed to giving residents the information that they need to make the best choices about their futures. 

That is why on estates where the Council has decided to redevelop part or all of an estate the Council will, through the independent advisors, give affected residents access to legal support so they can both understand and comment better on the new tenancy, leases they will be offered along with the equity exchange for homeowners.

The details of how the Council will do this are set out below.

Legal advice on new tenancies and leases
The Council will provide the independent advisers with access to legal advice on behalf of residents on the proposed tenancy and lease agreements. The Council is working with the independent advisers to ensure that all residents' concerns relating to the new tenancy and lease agreements that have been raised so far are addressed. In addition, this approach means that those with specific housing issues can have these addressed by the independent advisers who will have the benefit of independent legal advice.
Legal advice on equity exchange
The Council is currently finalising the process by which homeowners will be able to move equity from their current homes to a new home on their estate should they wish to do so. Once this process is finalised the Council will provide access to legal support via the independent advisers to enable homeowners to understand the process fully.
The Council will also pay reasonable conveyancing costs where a homeowner wishes to sell their property to the Council. The Council has estimated that such reasonable costs should in total be no more than £1,250. The Council is also paying for independent advisers on each estate. As they are housing regeneration experts they are able to help residents understand the process of regeneration and the regulatory framework within which estate regeneration takes place.
In putting this package of measures together the Council sought advice from TPAS, the respected tenant engagement organisation. This was to ensure that what is being provided compares favourably with what other authorities are offering in similar situations. As a result the Council is confident that our legal offer is among the best provided by local authorities. The Council will not be providing legal support beyond this and residents can seek their own legal advice if they believe this is necessary.