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South Lambeth Estate: Sunflowers, Plant Pots & Drawing on the Floor

On the 12th and 19th June we were joined by lots of enthusiastic and artistic young people.

Those of you who have visited our community hub may have seen that in the garden we are growing tomatoes, nasturtiums, beetroot, beans, marigolds and cabbage. In the next couple of weeks we will be moving our plants into big planters so they can grow to their full size. We will also be doing some raw cooking demonstrations with the vegetables we plant (and eating, of course). We will even be using the petals from the rose bush to make sweets! Thank you to everyone who comes and helps water the garden, especially Cavali who takes extra care of the plants and vegetables.

As an extra addition to our garden, on Tuesday 12th we planted sunflowers – as well as growing things to eat we want to grow things that are beautiful. Everyone planted one sunflower to take home and one to grow at the hub. Over the next few weeks we will be taking care of these, and will see who can grow the most beautiful, the biggest or the happiest sunflower.

As well as planting flowers we decorated plant pots. All we needed was some colourful nail varnish and a bucket of water and you wouldn’t believe how gorgeous everyone’s pots are! In these pots people who help with the garden can take little pieces of the garden home with them.


Another especially colourful activity is last Tuesday, the 19th, we turned the street into our canvas and covered it in drawings. Now, if you walk outside Broadstone House and the community hub, you’ll find yourself walking on giant snakes, by houses on hills, by rainbows, by eagles and fish, by blue flowers and multi-coloured love hearts. On the columns of the building you’ll see blue people walking along next to you. The triangular concrete bollards have turned into blue, orange, green and yellow pyramids! Everyone had so much fun this is definitely something we will do again. As always, thank you to everyone who came, and for your energy and imagination.





See you again soon.