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Summer Events at Cressingham Gardens

Resident Engagement Team shares tea, flowers and pirate treasure with Cressingham Gardens residents

The role of the Resident Engagement Team is to ensure that Cressingham Gardens residents can shape the estate rebuild as the plans move forward. Over the summer, we wanted to get to know residents of the estate better. With that in mind, we held three informal events at The Hub (8 Longford Walk), which saw people from all over the estate visit for family-friendly fun, whilst providing the opportunity to meet our team and become familiar with the space we will be using for our consultation activities.

For our first event, we invited all Cressingham families to a Treasure Hunt on 13th August. The children that attended had lots of fun working through a series of complex clues hidden all over the estate to find hidden pirate treasure on the estate. We also gave disposable cameras to the children, so they could take pictures of what they treasure about the estate, which our team have developed and have put up on posters in The Hub.


Our second event saw children from all over the estate come to The Hub for an afternoon of plant potting, gardening and lunch on 22nd August. We taught children how to plant flowers and vegetables, these are now growing quickly at The Hub, and in homes across the estate as children were welcome to take plant pots back to their homes to enjoy.

The intention is for the garden space in The Hub to be utilised in future consultation with residents and for it to become an environment in which we are able to discuss the future open spaces, planting and the landscape strategy of the estate.


Our third event saw residents visit The Hub for a relaxing afternoon of tea, cake, and conversations with neighbours on 8th September.  We enjoyed speaking to a range of people – of all ages and backgrounds – about the long and interesting history of the estate and the diverse local community.


We very much look forward to continue our work in undertaking positive and productive dialogue on the estate.

We’d love to hear from any resident who has questions about the estate rebuild. It’s very easy to get in touch, you can email [email protected] or call us at 0800 148 8991. We look forward to speaking with you and seeing you on the estate again.