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South Lambeth Estate September 2018 newsletter

The Development Management Team have published Newsletter 29 for South Lambeth and it can be read here.

Welcome to this month’s newsletter. 

Good news! Work Experience success: 

You may remember that the design team offered a number of work experience opportunities for local people as part of the estate regeneration. One local resident, Christina met PTE back October 2016 at the Fun day on the estate and enquired about work experience. She undertook the work experience in the summer of 2017. PTE mentored her during her A levels, helping her develop her portfolio and with her personal statement. She has accepted a place to study architecture at University of Plymouth following her A level results in August. 

Housing needs assessment refresh for Broadstone House and Sturminster House: 

We have spoken to a number of residents in Broadstone House and Sturminster House, if you have not managed to make an appointment please contact Cleo, by email [email protected] or phone 0207 926 5039. 

112-114 Dorset Road: 

We are pleased to let you know that the ‘Change of Use’ planning application for 112-114 Dorset Road was approved in last month. More updates to follow in the next future as this project develops. 

Lollard Street Visit 

The development at Lollard Street is nearly finished and shortly we will be inviting residents to come and have a look at the new development, which will provide 70 new homes at council rent level. Please keep an eye out in the next newsletter for details. We hope that you can come and see it. 

Drop -in Sessions: 

As usual we are still holding our weekly drop-ins at 2 Broadstone House on Tuesdays from 3.30-6.30pm. 

Estate Services Officer: 

The new Housing Officer for South Lambeth Estate is Emmanuel Owoyemi, You can contact them by email [email protected] lambeth.gov.uk or phone: 0207 926 1216. 

Cleo On behalf of your Regeneration team. 

Tel:020 7926 5039 Email:s[email protected] 


You can view the process of how we will be appointing the contractor by clicking here


Hi everyone, 

With new and improved housing, it’s really important that South Lambeth residents start to think about the best way their views are considered by the new landlord Homes for Lambeth (HFL). 

I have been contacted by several residents who want to support their neighbours by setting up a tenant and residents association (TRA). They want to make sure that whilst the regeneration work is progressing, resident’s views and concerns are heard by HFL. 

Why set up a TRA? 

By getting involved with people who want to discuss common concerns or local issues, you can make a difference to where you live. 

By talking to the people and organisations that make decisions about where you live i.e. (HFL, Lambeth, Police, councillors, MP) you can make sure they know about the things that affect you and your neighbourhood. 

By working with other organisations, as an association or group, you can bring about changes for the better and get things done. 

Coming together as a TRA or group can help community spirit in your neighbourhood. 

If you want to champion a thriving community, why not get involved? 

If you are interested in knowing more, please contact Yvonne on 07445 823 726 or email: [email protected] 


Your ITA from TPAS 

Tel: 07445 823 726 

Email: whyem[email protected] 

Free phone: 0800 731 1619