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South Lambeth Estate Play Space consultation 2017

On Saturday 11th March we held a play space consultation to find out what young people wanted the new play areas on the estate to look like. We spoke to around 40 young people (and parents) and received some great feedback.

We had a variety of methods to gain feedback including drawings of their ideal playground and making models. We got some amazing drawing and models to take inspiration from and we will look at how the themes from the day can be included in the new play areas (you can see them below).

The main themes were:

  • Areas and equipment to climb on
  • Benches to sit and chat to their friends
  • Swings for all ages
  • Trampolines (or similar to allow jumping)
  • Play equipment which could double up as exercise equipment (like monkey bars and table tennis tables)
  • Slides were also very popular

We also asked attendees to look at a variety of play equipment and let us know what they liked and didn’t like, again similar themes came up on these to the drawings and models.


A selection of drawings from the day 


A selection of the models from the day 

Sports pitch

We also wanted to have a focus on the sports pitch on the estate, it is an important part of the estate for the older children on the estate and there were lots of ideas of how this can be improved within the design of the estate. Astroturf was the most popular surface for it as currently the surface is slippery when wet and hurts when you fall down.

The most popular games played were football and basketball and there was some debated about whether you have them both in the same court or had a basketball hoop separately for people to play one on one.

They hoped that the pitch could be of similar standard to the one developed at Angell Town estate in Brixton. 

If you were unable to make it and want to talk to us about the play spaces on the estate you can pop in and see us in 2 Broadstone House on Tuesdays between 3-6.30pm.