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South Lambeth Estate: October Newsletter Issue 6


It has been a very busy month on South Lambeth, as you can probably tell from this bumper edition of the newsletter. We’ve had a study trip, consultation event, completed Housing Needs and Assessments and are launching the Key Guarantees Wrap up consultation. Thank you to all that have taken part in recent events and provided feedback. 

There are still plenty of opportunities to get involved. Our Resident Engagement Panel (REP) is still expanding and we have new members. In this edition we have pictures if everyone involved in the REP so that you can recognise on the estate. 

As ever, if you have any questions or comments do get in touch!

Sid and Marcus On behalf of your Regeneration team. 

Tel: 020 7926 4166 Email: [email protected]

You can view the full pdf version here


We are now holding one final consultation to get residents’ feedback to see whether, within legal and financial limits, there is anything more we can do. This consultation will run until 21st November 2016. 

You will be able to provide feedback by: 

Completing a form that will be enclosed with the booklet you have received and return it to: Key Guarantees Consultation, c/o Housing Regeneration, London Borough of Lambeth, 7th Floor International House, 6 Canterbury Crescent, London SW9 7QE 

Or by going to: http://estateregeneration.lambeth. gov.uk/kg_consultation and completing the online form. 

Attending one of the following events at the Caretakers’ Office, Wimborne House, Dorset Road (no appointment necessary).

  • Thursday 3 November: 6.00 to 8.00pm 
  • Monday 7 November: 6.00 to 8.00pm 
  • Tuesday 15 November: 4.00 to 6.00pm 
  • Friday 18 November: 11.00am to 1.00pm 

We are also able to undertake home visits to those who are unable to attend any of the sessions listed above. Please telephone 0207 926 4166 if you would like a home visit. 

Feedback must be received by 12pm on 21st November. The Council will respond with a final set of improved Key Guarantees in the early 2017. 

If residents would like to get free, independent advice on any of the offers made within the Key Guarantees they are recommended to contact Michael Simms from TPAS, who is the Independent Resident Adviser working on South Lambeth Estate: 

Email: [email protected] 

Tel: 0800 731 1619 

Mobile: 07960 925 409


Housing aspirations

The surveys indicated that the overwhelming majority of residents wanted to remain on the estate. The majority of respondents preferred a single move in to a new home and leaseholders were more likely to want to move twice to return to a preferred property on the rebuilt estate. Other housing aspirations varied for tenants and leaseholders and are provided for each, below. 

Tenant preferences

Move once into a new home on the estate  53%
Move twice( is it means moving into a more suitable home on the estate in the future  23%
Interested in Shared ownership opportunities  12%
Remain a Council Secure Tenant elsewhere in Lambeth  9%
Buy Outright 3%

Your feedback on the Key Guarantees for Tenants and Leaseholders

Feedback on the Key Guarantees for Tenants and Leaseholders produced some slightly different results. A total of 48% of respondents felt informed or very informed about the Key Guarantees compared to a total of 16% who stated they did not. However, 35% said they did not know. 

Keeping you updated

You told us that you would like to given regular updates on the regeneration of South Lambeth Estate. 41% of respondents preferred these to be monthly while 18% said fortnightly. However, 38% of respondents wanted information only when big changes were due to happen.

A selection of your comments:




“I’m looking forward to it”“At this stage in our lives it is very unsettling”

“Would like to remain here as I have lived here 59 years”

"Good...it's about time"

"It needs it. I feel that the estate has gone downhill"

"It's a positive move"




“I would like more information about Assured Shorthold Tenancies”

“A good thing but it will be scary at first”

“I like the proposals but I’m a bit apprehensive”

“It’s going to happen, so we just want to get the deal for residents”

"No problem, it's good to have a new home"

Future engagement

We received some very good feedback about future engagement with residents on the estate and suggestions on how people preferred to be involved. They are listed as follows:

Day Trips (to other regeneration estates) 34%
Coffee mornings  24%
Gardening club 21%
Activity classes 21%
Digital buddying programme  16%



What you told us What we are going to do


That you are supportive of the regeneration 


Continue to make you feel involved, informed and able to influence the designs of your new homes by increasing participation. 

You are well informed of the regeneration proposals  Continue to keep residents up to date on the latest developments via regular monthly newsletters, posters and emails. 
That we need to do more to explain the Key Guarantees 


We have organised the following dates for you to come and talk to us about the key guarantees: 

Thursday 3 November: 6.00 to 8.00pm

Monday 7 November: 6.00 to 8.00pm 

Tuesday 15 November: 4.00 to 6.00pm

Friday 18 November: 11.00am to 1.00 pm 

They will be held in the Caretakers' Office, underneath Wimborne House, Dorset Road (no appointment necessary). If you are unable to attend these dates we are able to come and visit you in your home please call us on 020 7926 416 to make an appointment. 


Communications and Engagement   
You get most of the information from the regeneration newsletters  Continue with delivering monthly newsletters across the estate and leave some in local shops and on notice boards.
You would like to see different forms of engagement take place


Prioritise setting up  regeneration hub on the estate to use for engagement activities. 

Seek funding for events; arrange day trips; run classes for IT to provide digital buddies and coffee mornings. 


Meet the Rep Selfies you can view the selfies by clicking here.

Landscape walkabout

On the 9th September residents joined us for a walkabout to explore different types of landscaping in the local area. 

On the estate we looked at the current green spaces, play areas and discussed how these areas were being used at the moment. 

The general feedback was that more could be done to make the alleyway at the back of Broadstone House safer and improvements could be made to the play area, the football pitch and some of the planting around the estate.

We visited Van Gogh Walk which showed different ways to landscape an area, that includes play, planting and seated areas. Residents liked the different uses and thought it made for a really attractive space, especially the book cupboard. There seemed to be issues around the maintenance of the area and residents agreed that any landscape in the new estate needed to be low maintenance. 

We also looked at the new development just off Clapham Road behind Tesco, which has green courtyard spaces. It seemed to be well kept, however there were steps up from the green space to the new homes made accessibility difficult for some. It is a key priority for us that the landscape on our scheme is accessible for all our residents, including residents who have disabilities. The scheme did make good use of parking and planting to make areas outside the new home more attractive. 

Finally we saw great examples of a community garden at Bolney Meadows and a house with a green/living wall on Dorset road. Some residents mentioned that they walked past it everyday and had never noticed it.

There were a lot of discussions about what the replacements games area on the estate could look like and whether it could be sunk into the ground; we were told that there are currently issues with having both basketball and football on the same pitch. Residents liked the separate basketball hoop seen on Van Gogh walk. 

We would like to thank everyone who came to the walkabout and gave us their feedback. We had a lot of good conversations about the places we visited and having your input is invaluable to us, when it comes to designing the landscaping for South Lambeth estate.


Estate Fun day and masterplan exhibition 

On the 1st October we held a fun day for the residents, neighbours and local stakeholders on the South Lambeth estate to look at the emerging masterplan strategy and help us design the landscaping and new community meeting space. 

We were worried in the morning that the rain would prevent it being a great day but not too long after the sun started coming through the clouds and we remained dry for most of the afternoon.


We had a number of activities for residents to enjoy including a very competitive football tournament run by Look Twice, the football was still going even after all the gazebos were taken away. 

We had around 80 people sign in on the afternoon, both from the estate and neighbouring streets. 

The bike doctor managed to fix a number of bikes on the day and the fire brigade was a huge hit with the children and some of the older residents as well.

Edible Lambeth handed out small pot plants with salad leaves so that it could be grown at home. Age UK Lambeth and TPAS provided information and advice for residents who needed it.

We are still collating this but we will come back to you with what we have found.

We would like to thank everyone who made this day a huge success and look forward to working with you all in the future!


Industrial Cadet in the Housing Regeneration Team 

In September, the housing regeneration team recruited a local young person for an Industrial Cadet work experience placement. In his own words, our cadet Calvin tells us about his time with the team. 

“I was interested in housing regeneration because this is something I see around me happening within the borough. I wanted to gain more knowledge about it and see how housing regeneration works. 

During my placement I got the opportunity to work from different offices and visit some of the estates in the programme. I helped with inputting data, recording communications, building spreadsheets and taking photos for the regeneration website. I liked going to visit the estates with Project Officers. This was fun because I got to see an estate going through the regeneration process and meet some residents. 

Overall, I found the experience very rewarding. I worked with some people who gave me some great knowledge on the industry as well as gave me some great advice. I really enjoyed the experience and would recommend it to any young person interested in getting into a career in housing regeneration”. 

Since finishing his Industrial Cadet placement, Calvin has secured an apprenticeship with another department in the Council and is starting the role soon. 

Industrial Cadets is an industry-led accreditation, which allows employers to run accredited experiences for young people, in order to create a talented pipeline for UK industry. For more information, please visit their website: