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South Lambeth estate

On the 19th November we visited four sites within Lambeth and Southwark for residents to start to understand how the new estate could look and feel. 

We visited the following places:

Trafalgar Place


Residents really liked this development, particularly:

  • The variety of bricks 
  • The different types of balconies 
  • The landscaping between the buildings, including the seating 
  • The gardens and terraces at the front of the homes
  • The water feature (although residents said that this may not work on the estate)
  • Bin stores were secure and had fob access. 
  • The lighting in the floor 
  • The signage for each of the blocks was clear and bright


The lighting in the floor at Trafalgar Place

Residents felt that the distances between the buildings were generous and well used. There were a couple of items residents were not as keen on these were the copper cladding on some of the building and the play spaces. It was felt that most of the play equipment wasn't useable. 

Harvard Gardens


Balconies and bins outside homes at Harvard gardens

Residents were not as keen on this development and we were unable to get into the show home to see what the inside of the development looked like.  

They liked the bricks on the scheme but did not like the balconies. Residents also did not like the bins being outside of their homes particularly as it seemed like it would be a busy road. 

Burgess Terrace 

At this devlopment residents liked:

  • The variety of balcony types
  • The brick colour
  • The spaces between the buildings


Residents did not like:

  • The round atrium on the building above 
  • The play space was not useable 
  • The dark cladding on the buildings 


Old Bayliss School

Old Bayliss school was slightly different to the other developments we visited on the day as this was a conversion of a building with some new buildings built around it.

Residents really liked this development mainly as it was safe and secure, but some felt it was a bit exclusive. They also liked:

  • The brickwork and how it matched the old school buildings 
  • The courtyard 
  • The bike and bin stores
  • The food growing areas 


The courtyard space and the growing areas at Old Bayliss School

Residents were pleased with the variety of schemes we visited which provided an opportunity for conversation and feedback.

The main key messages from the day were: 

  • The new development on the estate must ensure that it feels like a neighbourhood and is integrated into the existing streets.
  • Play is extremely important to residents and this must be useable
  • A variety of balcony types was seen positively
  • The new residents courtyard should be spacious and attractive, with different uses for all ages
  • Locations of bins are extremely important they should be safe, secure and off the street
  • Garden/terrace size is important