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South Lambeth Estate November 2016 Newsletter



In this edition, we have information following the technical surveys carried out on the estate and feedback from the Fun Day on the 1st October. 

We are also running drop-ins for residents who may have any questions related to the Key Guarantees; dates and times are listed on the back page. We are offering home visits on this and on any other issues or questions you may have related to the regeneration. 

We have some sad news - Marcus is leaving the team at end of November, to move to another role within the Council. It will be sad to see him go and I wish him all the best! 

I would like to extend a warm welcome to Cleo, who will be joining the team and you will no doubt see her around the estate in the coming weeks. 

As ever, any comments or questions, please get in touch! 


Tel: 020 7926 4166 Email: [email protected]


 Hi All 

Just introducing myself! 

My name is Cleo Daley-Ranger and I will eventually be taking over from Marcus once he moves on to his new role. 

I have been working for the Lambeth’s Housing Regeneration Team for around 6 months, so I am relatively new to the council. 

You will start to see me on your estate (probably with Marcus) from this month onwards. 

I am really looking forward to working with you on the estate! Feel free to contact me if you need to discuss anything using the details on the other side of the page. 

I look forward to meeting you all!



Watch out for flyers advising of future meeting dates. 

Coming soon... 

TRA meetings to discuss pest control. We are trying to log issues. 

Have you reported your mice problem? 

Were you advised to contact Responsive Repairs to request holes are filled in? 

Do you want to learn about ways you can deter the mice? 

Leaseholders’ meeting to consider Lambeth Home Ownership Services’ response to our 2nd stage complaint. We have been promised a response this week. 

Community gardening: grab some green tomatoes for chutney, cook up your calde verde with some lovely Cavalero Nero and don’t forget your sorrel, rosemary, mint, sage, yarrow and thyme. 

Top Tip for a day out... 

The Infinite Mix at the Hayward Gallery, 180 The Strand. 

It’s free, open 12.00 - 8.00 pm daily and the ten video/music installations are spread throughout the entire building complex. If you like dance-hall or opera, club music or hip hop, dub or funk , you are going to love these short films.http://theinfinitemix.com/


Michael Simms 

Over the last month we have been busy engaging with residents through tours of other sites, key guarantees drop in consultations, door step discussions and even while demonstrating some real football skills at the recent estate fun day. 

Seriously though, we are making lots of efforts to keep you informed and answer any questions or concerns residents may have and as your independent advisor I want you to feel like you can keep on asking questions and speaking with myself, your resident representatives or anyone else involved with the regeneration. This way your voice can be heard, don’t assume, just ask and we will work with you to ensure you have the support and advice you need. 

Email: [email protected] Tel: 0800 731 1619 Mobile: 07960 925 409


We promised in the August newsletter that we would report back on anything interesting found in the site surveys. Below is a summary of what we have found.


The survey found that the wildlife present on the estate is similar to what can be found in both the local area and the UK. In order to maintain and improve this wildlife, as well as minimise the impact of the new development, a thorough landscaping design must be created. There may also be potential impacts to nesting birds and bat species. However, there are lots of way we can reduce the impact on them, such as putting in bat/bird boxes and careful planning of any tree removal. This will be investigated further to understand the exact species and how to protect them.

Noise and Vibration

A technical survey was completed to look at the noise and vibration conditions on the estate. Five locations were tested for noise across the estate and vibration levels were tested at two locations close to the London underground lines. Noise levels were highest along the Clapham Road. Vibration levels were quite low at both locations. These results will be used to help with the design of the new buildings to ensure that residents do not experience a worsening of conditions.


The survey has shown that there is a possibility that the estate could contain some archaeological items, mainly from the later post medieval era. There may also be some remains of 19th century buildings present and in areas used as 19th century yards and gardens. Further work will be required to define what is under the ground and how this will be dealt with during construction.

Flood Risk

In order to develop new buildings it is important to understand the risk of flooding, to protect people and property. Flood risk on the estate is low. The estate is also protected by existing flood defences in the Thames. Flooding should not therefore be an issue to new development on the estate.



We had some great feedback from the fun day and are still continuing to talk to residents about this.

Community Meeting Space

We had lots of comments about the preferred location of the new community meeting space and the majority of you thought it would be best under Wimborne House. However, there were some residents who thought that it should be in the courtyard block as this would open up the gardens for all residents. The type of activities you wanted to see take place in the new facility were as follows:

  • Coffee mornings.
  • Computer classes.
  • Crèche.
  • After school club.
  • Exercise classes.
  • Place for playing music/ studio for producing music.
  • Lunch club for older residents.
  • Place for young people to meet.

Residents said that the space should be used for the community and not be too expensive. They also suggested that the space should allow different groups to use it at the same time.