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The Development Management Team have published Newsletter 25 for South Lambeth and it can be read here

Hello Everyone

Welcome to our May newsletter,

Planning application update

We are pleased to report that on the 22nd May the council’s Planning Applications Committee resolved to grant Planning Permission, subject to the signing of a legal agreement, for the development of the South Lambeth estate. 

Work experience opportunity

In conjunction with our consultants, Airey Miller LLP, we are offering a two-week summer holiday work experience placement to a student (school years 10, 11 and 12), living in Lambeth, to introduce them to the diverse world of construction. 

The placement will be hosted by Airey Miller, who are working with the council on their estate regeneration programme, and will be based in Victoria. Travel and lunch will be provided daily throughout the placement. 

If you are interested in this exciting opportunity, please email [email protected] to request an application form by midnight on Friday 1st June 2018. 

Independent Advisor Service

The current independent advice service is coming up for contract renewal and the council will be working with your REP to choose who will continue to provide this service. 

Drop -in sessions

As usual we are still holding our weekly drop-ins at 2 Broadstone House on Tuesdays from 3.30-6.30pm. Pop in anytime. We will be running numerous creative workshops, there are some details inside the newsletter. Please look out for more information in the coming months! 

On behalf of your regeneration team.

Tel:020 7926 5039   Email: [email protected]


On the 22nd May Lambeth’s Planning Committee granted planning permission, subject to the signing of a legal agreement, for the development of the South Lambeth estate. The consent includes detailed designs for Block A on Dorset Road and outline designs for the remainder of the estate, which includes the number of homes, heights of blocks and position of them. There will be further applications before anything is built , which are called “reserve matters”. They will agree the materials, flat plans, landscaping and parking etc. 

Of the 362 homes: 

  • 103 will be one-bedroomed homes 
  • 152 homes will be two-bedroomed homes 
  • 99 homes will be three-bedroomed homes 
  • 8 homes will be four-bedroomed homes 


All of the new homes will be built to high quality standards and be larger that existing homes. 

All existing residents will get a new home 

All the 51 remaining secure tenants on South Lambeth will get a new home at council level rent which meets their needs, based on a detailed assessment of their situation. In addition, there will be 20 replacement shared ownership homes for existing homeowners. 

Homes for people waiting on the council housing lists 

In addition to the 51 existing secure tenants that will be re-provided with new council level rent homes, the proposed development delivers a further 34 genuinely affordable homes rented at our tenancy strategy rent levels. 

Balanced communities 

In line with the council’s commitment to build ‘mixed and balanced’ communities, a proportion of the new homes will be intermediate homes for rent or shared ownership homes for existing leaseholders wishing to stay on the estate. These homes will provide housing options for those Lambeth residents that don’t qualify for social housing but are priced out of the private sector. 

New private homes 

The new affordable homes are funded by Homes for Lambeth building new private homes on site; South Lambeth includes 229 private homes which will help pay for the new affordable homes. 


Following the planning decision, Homes for Lambeth needs to finalise and sign a S106 Agreement with the council. This agreement secures the affordable housing and various other contributions linked to the applications. 

Homes for Lambeth will also start work on the delivery of Phase 1, Block A, on Dorset Road. In order to find a contractor to deliver the scheme it is necessary to develop the planning drawings further into a tender pack which can be used to secure a price for the works. 

This process can take some time and we will keep you up to date on what progress is being made. 

Residents will be involved in the selection of the contractor, but if you have any questions or concerns please get in contact or come and see us in the hub on Tuesdays between 3.30-6.30pm. 

If you can’t make this time we are happy to do home visits. 

In the next newsletter we will share with you a predicted timetable for engagement and when will works start on the estate. 


Hello everyone, 

I hope you are enjoying the sun! 

It is great news that we have received planning permission for rebuilding the estate. This means that you may start seeing some changes to the estate, and if not, keep in mind that things are moving forward behind the scenes. We will use the drop-ins , the newsletter and other events to let you know how things are coming along. 

As promised leaseholders will be receiving the notes from the leaseholder meetings held in March; apologies for the slight delay. If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact me. 

As always we are in 2 Broadstone House every Tuesday between 3.30-6.30pm, please pop in and ask any questions you have. If you cannot attend them then please contact me on the details below. I am more than happy to come and see you. 

Best Regards 


Independent Advisor (Tpas) 

Email: [email protected] 

Mobile: 07445 823 726



Ella has joined Tibbalds as an intern to help with some fun things for all residents to get involved in. 


The first thing we would love you to be involved in is bird box painting. 

In 2 Broadstone House we have 10 bird boxes that were kindly built by John from Osmington. We would love you to come and help us paint them. 

Pop into the hub on Tuesday 5th June between 3.30- 6pm to show off your artistic skills. 

Everyone is welcome. 

Once the bird boxes are dry we will put them up around the estate and hopefully we will have birds living in them. 

There will a programme of fun things to be involved in over the coming months so keep an eye out in the newsletter and around the estate!!