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South Lambeth Estate : Landscape walkabout September 2016

On the 9th September residents joined us for a walkabout to explore different types of landscaping in the local area. The rain held off and we were lucky to stay dry for most of the morning!

On the estate we looked at the current green spaces, play areas and discussed how these areas were being used at the moment. The general feedback was that more could be done to make alleyway at the back of Broadstone House safer and improvements could be made to the play area, the football pitch and some of the planting around the estate.

We visited Van Gogh walk, which showed the different ways in which you can landscape an area, that includes play, planting and seated areas.  Residents liked the different uses and thought it made for a really attractive space, especially the book cupboard.


There seemed to  issues around the upkeep of the area and residents agreed that any landscape in the new estate needed to be low maintenance.

We also looked at the new (ish) development just off Clapham Road behind Tesco, which had green courtyard spaces.


It seemed to be well kept, however there were steps up from the green space to the new homes which was not suitable for all residents. It is a key priority for us that the landscape on our scheme is accessible for all our residents, including residents who have disabilities. They did make good use of parking and planting to make areas outside the new home more attractive.


We also saw great examples of a community garden at a Bolney Meadows and a house with a green/living wall on Dorset road. Some residents remarked that they walked past it everyday and had never noticed it. 


There were a lot of discussions about how the replacements games area on the estate could look like and whether it could be sunk into the ground; we were told that there are currently issues with having both basketball and football on the same pitch. Residents liked the separate basketball hoop seen on Van Gogh walk. 

We would like to thank everyone who came along on the walkabout and gave us their feedback. We had a lot of good conversations about the places we visited and having your input is invaluable to us, when it comes to designing our new scheme.