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South Lambeth Estate July Newsletter 2018

The Development Management Team have published Newsletter 27 for South Lambeth and it can be read here.


Welcome to this month’s newsletter! 

Equality Impact Assessment Refresh: The council has commissioned Ottaway Strategic Ltd to update the 2017 report, in order to capture any changes that may have occurred over the past 12 months. We wish to ensure the equalities information for your household is included in the assessment. Residents can view the September 2017 report online by visiting here or view a hard copy at the engagement hub. Ottaway Strategic will be on the estate between 23rd July to 3rd August 2018. If you have any questions regarding this please do not hesitate to contact 

Homes for Lambeth Tenant and Resident Association (TRA):As you should all now be aware, residents of the low rise blocks Broadstone, Osmington, Sturminster, Swanage, and Verwood House that choose to remain will in the future become Homes for Lambeth tenants and residents. In anticipation of this change we are keen to hear from existing residents that may be interested in setting up a Future Homes for Lambeth TRA. If you live in any of the low rise blocks and would like to get involved in the future running of your estate by Homes for Lambeth, please express your interest by email, phone or pop in to the Tuesday drop in to see us. 

Drop -in Sessions: As usual we are still holding our weekly drop-ins at 2 Broadstone House on Tuesdays from 3.30- 6.30pm. 

Creative work shops: Over the past few weeks Ella has been running workshops during the drop-in sessions. We have had a regular crowd of people coming along and enjoying different activities. If there are any activities you would like to see, get in touch! Contact [email protected] or 020 7089 2138. 

Cleo On behalf of your Regeneration team. Tel:020 7926 5039 Email:s[email protected] 

112-114 DORSET ROAD 

What is happening on 112-114 Dorset Road? Over the coming months you will see the empty shop at 112-114 Dorset road changing and transforming into a flexible space for the wider local community, organisations, businesses and individuals to use. It is intended that the space will open around mid September 2018. Nataly and Catherine from the make:good team are working with Lambeth Council to start a pilot in this space and work closely with local residents and neighbours to test out and get a better understanding of how a community space on South Lambeth Estate could work and what people would want to use it for. The findings from this project will be used to inform the type of activities and function of the new community room, community hub and retail units proposed for the community square on the estate as part of the approved redevelopment. 

What will this new space be used for? 112-114 Dorset Road will be transformed into a flexible space for the use of the wider local community. It will be used for a combination of community hire, community activities and retail and a more detailed programme will be developed and trialled following conversations with residents, neighbours, local businesses and organisations. 

Who will be involved? Everyone is welcome to take part in the conversation. We know that residents, neighbours and local businesses are experts on what works and doesn’t work in the local area. make:good will be running various activities and events to gather information and start conversations about what already exists in the area, what is missing and identify opportunities relating to individual skills, interests and also collective priorities and services in around the space. If you already have some ideas you can email us at: [email protected] or call 0800 0720 265.


As you will be aware from previous newsletters, meetings and updates the council is looking to put a Compulsory Purchase Order in place to allow the rebuilding of the estate to go ahead. 

A Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) is a legal process whereby a public authority uses its statutory powers to compulsorily acquire land and property. While doing this council will also be acting in accordance with the commitments given in the Key Guarantees. 

The council is looking to progress with a CPO to ensure that the considerable effort put into the master planning process, securing planning consent and implementing the Key Guarantees is not wasted and that the rebuilding plans can go ahead. Since a resolution to grant planning permission is in place the next step is to ensure that the council owns all the land it needs to so work can start to rebuild the estate. As such a CPO is just a part of the process of building better homes for current residents and more homes for those waiting on the housing lists. 

As the council moves forward with the CPO it will talk to resident homeowners about their rights under the Key Guarantees to stay living on the rebuilt estate in a new home. This would involve resident homeowners selling their old homes to Homes for Lambeth and moving the value from their old homes (plus their home loss payment) into their new home. Please note a CPO is not needed for phase 1 to get started. 


Letters will be sent to all property owners on the estates prior to the council’s Cabinet considering the CPO. All property owners will receive the following over the next few weeks: 

A letter in early September inviting property owners to negotiate a voluntary sale of their property. For resident homeowners, one of the options will be using their rights under the Key Guarantees to stay living on the rebuilt estate in a new home 

An invitation to attend drop-in sessions to discuss options 

A letter at the end of September making an offer to acquire their property. For resident homeowners, this will also include an offer on how they can stay on the rebuilt estate in a new home under the Key Guarantees 


These letters will NOT be sent to secure tenants. Also, no one needs to move at the moment. A detailed phasing plan will be worked out in consultation with residents which will give details on when the council would expect people to need to move from their old homes. 

The council’s Cabinet will be formally asked to consider commencing the CPO process for the estates. This is likely to happen later this year. The CPO will also then need the formal approval of the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government. 


Hi everyone, 

Just a reminder that Tpas, your Independent Advisers are at the community hub at No. 2 Broadstone House every Tuesday between 3.30pm - 6.30pm. If you require support or advice on any issue concerning the regeneration of South Lambeth Estate, please feel to pop in to see us or call Yvonne on: 

Mob: 07445823726 or 

Email: [email protected] 

Respectfully yours,Yvonne Independent Advisor (Tpas)