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South Lambeth Estate July Newsletter 2016

The Development Management Team have produced newsletter #3 for South Lambeth and it is available to read here.

Introduction from the Regeneration Team

We’d like to introduce our team who will be helping us deliver the regeneration project on South Lambeth. You may spot a few familiar faces! You can now get in touch with your South Lambeth REP members via phone: 0800 731 1619 or email: [email protected]

We have now started our home visits to complete the Housing Needs surveys for tenants and resident leaseholders. If you haven’t done so already, please contact us on the details below to book an appointment.

On Friday 10th June we had a really useful event looking at the Design Principles for the new homes. One of the questions that has been asked regularly is “What’s Happening next? “To help clarify things, we have included a timeline in this month’s newsletter.

We are also in the process of preparing a Frequently Asked Questions sheet for your information.

Finally, we will be sending out letters to all residents in the low rise blocks shortly to explain that we will be serving an Initial Demolition Notice at the end of July and what this means for them. This does not mean that demolition work is about to start, it’s simply a legal requirement that we need to follow. No demolition will take place on the estate until 2019 at the earliest.

For any residents who may be concerned about this please contact us to arrange a home visit to discuss on the number below. Alternatively, you can contact your Independent Advisor, Michael on Tel: 0800 731 1619, Mobile: 07960 925 409 or Email: [email protected]

Siddiqa and Marcus

On behalf of your Regeneration Team

Tel: 020 7926 4166

Email: [email protected] 

The Regeneration Team


From left to right: Alicja Obiosa (Resident representative: Swanage House). Hilary Satchwell (Director, Tibbalds Planning and Urban Design). Siddiqa Islam (Capital Programme Manager, LB Lambeth). Danny Ceurvals (Pollard Thomas Edwards Architects). Michael Simms (Independent Resident Adviser, TPAS). William Breislin (Resident representative, Osmington House). Viv Moriarty (Resident representative, Wimborne House). Dreenagh Lyle (Resident representative, Wimborne House and Chair of South Lambeth Estate TRA). Chris Jones (Resident representative, Verwood House). Claire Callow (Engagement Manager, Tibbalds Planning and Urban Design). Sandra Loureiro (Resident representative, Broadstone House). Sarah Jenkinson (Senior Design Manager, Tibbalds Planning and Urban Design). Carl Vann (Partner, Pollard Thomas Edwards Architects). Jackie Strube (Development Manager, CPC). Marcus Shukla (Housing Project Officer, LB Lambeth)

South Lambeth Provisional Engagement timeline- July 2016- Spring 2017 

The timeline below shows our ideas for how we would like to engage with the residents of South Lambeth Estate . We have proposed some themes that we would like to talk to you about during different months and Stages of the design process.  

The Stages are the same as those explained in the June newsletter. We currently are working towards a planning application in March although we may need to be flexible with this engagement programme if the project dates need to be altered.

To view the proposed engagement timeline click here.

Resident news


Our Community Garden is thriving and the rain has saved our backs from carrying watering cans to irrigate the plants! Keep your eye on the notice board on the side of the Caretakers’ Room for information about future events. 



Some residents are having difficulties with uninvited visitors to their homes. If you are having problems with pests, please contact the Lambeth Call Centre on 020 7926 8860. Your property will be inspected and any proofing that needs to be carried will be reported to you. If you are leaseholder, you are required to arrange for this work to be completed. If you are a tenant, you must inform the Housing Office of the outcome of your inspection so that a contractor can be sent to implement the recommendations.

If you have specific needs and vulnerabilities, please let tell the Call Centre respondent, so that you can be accommodated appropriately. If you need help, please contact one of the TRA members. 

Independent advisor - Michael Simms

More of you are starting to make use of the various methods of involvement being made available to you to help understand the regeneration programme. The recent Design Principles workshop was attended by 22 residents. Your views, questions and inputs on the day and throughout the process will continue to shape the future of the estate and how that future will be delivered.

I would strongly encourage you to attend future events as well as making use of the contact numbers, emails and written materials available to keep you informed and make your voice heard.

A few residents have already been calling the TPAS Freephone number to arrange face to face meetings with me, or just to enquire about the progress of the regeneration.

Your TRA also continues to seek to create discussions which will bring about positive changes to your home and community. In my role, I will continue to provide them with relevant support and advice.

Over the coming weeks you will be receiving information from Lambeth’s Regeneration Team about visiting you to discuss the future of your homes. Neither you nor Lambeth staff will be expected to make any decisions during these visits, however, should you have any concerns or would like me or someone else to be present during this visit, please do contact the TPAS Freephone number or inform Lambeth’s regeneration team upon receipt of the letter.

You can contact me:

Tel: 080 0731 1619

Mobile: 07960 925 409

Email: [email protected] 

Choice Based Lettings 

We want to try and do everything we can to keep the existing community together. We intend to do this by being responsive to resident concerns; open and inclusive in our approach and clear and transparent in our communications. However, we do appreciate that some tenants may wish to move away and if this is a choice that you make for you and your household we are here to provide support.

If you want to move off the estate, into another Council property within Lambeth you will need to complete a Housing Transfer Form. Once you have done this you will be given a bidding reference number, which allows you to bid for homes on the Council's Choice Based Lettings (CBL) system. All Secure Council tenants in the low rise blocks will get "decant status", which means that you will placed in Band (A) and will therefore be given a higher priority to move. All secure council tenants, who are moved off the estate due to the regeneration (decanted), will be given the choice of retaining their option of return once the new scheme is completed and eligible for Home Loss and Disturbance payments.

In the coming months the Council will be receiving handover of a small number of flats and houses on the Ackerman Road, near Stockwell. These homes will range from 1-4 bedrooms and the houses will have generous size gardens.

If you think you may be interested in these homes or would like to ask more questions about the CBL system please contact us.