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South Lambeth Estate Exhibition 14th January 2017

On Saturday, we held an exhibition for residents to come along and see how the masterplan for the South Lambeth has changed since we last spoke to you at the Fun Day in October. 

We had 60 residents come along and give us their feedback. We are in the process of looking through the feedback received and will update you once this has been done. 

If you were unable to attend don't worry we have a couple of drop in sessions planned where you can come and see what was presented on the day.  These are:

Friday 20th January 10am-midday

Thursday 26th January 3.00pm-6.30pm

If you are unable to make them you can view what was displayed here (click on the highlighted heading):

Introduction-includes next steps and programme. The feedback received about the masterplan, landscape and community room and this will help develop designs going forward . We will hold another public event in Spring to show how the designs have developed. 

We are just finishing Stage 2 which focuses on the design development of the scheme and checking this meets residents’ aspirations, the masterplan objectives, the Lambeth brief and local and national planning policy. The aim is for this stage to be complete by the end of January, any feedback recieved today will be used to start shaping the stage 3 designs. 

The we will move onto Stage 3 which will involve preparing all the drawings and necessary reports for the planning application. We aim to submit a planning application in the Summer 2017.

Emerging Masterplan - focusing on the masterplan objectives, the changes since the fun day and the emerging masterplan. 

Following feedback from the Funday, further consultation with residents, and discussions with key stakeholders, the masterplan has been further developed. 

This is the current masterplan with the key changes noted below. 


Most residents stated in the Housing needs survey that they would like to move once. New homes must be built before any are demolished and before any residents has to move. A planning application will be submitted in Summer and the first buildings will be built on Dorset Road. 

Design Focus - focusing on specific areas around the estate including character, design studies, Wimborne House and the community room. 

Landscape  - focus on the key landscaped areas on the estate. 

Summary of what you told us at the Fun day:

  • No public frontage with the Clapham Road. Boundary to stay in place.
  • Wimborne green space to remain public but feel like it is part of the estate.
  • Keep the sports court but could be relocated.
  • Keep the playground and provide more for children of different ages.
  • Have small playgrounds in communal areas
  • Neighbourhood and communal spaces should be good for wildlife.
  • Space for growing vegetables should be for residents.
  • Communal gardens should encourage activities for residents of all ages.
  • Community room close to Wimborne House.


If you have any comments or feedback please get in touch on 020 7089 2138 or [email protected] 

Thank you to everyone who came along to the exhibition on Saturday your feedback is really valued.