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South Lambeth estate decision


Last night the Council’s Cabinet met to discuss the proposed redevelopment of the estate and the Cabinet has agreed to the estate would be partially redeveloped. This means that:

  • Wimborne House will be retained and improved.
  • The low-rise blocks (Broadstone, Swanage, Sturminster, Verwood, Osmington) will be redeveloped to re-provide all the existing homes and deliver additional new homes The Council will now start to work up detailed plans on the redevelopment of the estate.

What does this mean for existing residents?

Existing residents of the low rise blocks will have priority for the new homes, and all council tenants will be offered a new home on the estate that meets their housing needs. Residents of Wimborne House will be able to express an interest in transferring to a new home if they wish to do so. You can see the Key Guarantees here but they include:

  • for tenants, a guarantee that you will be offered a new home on the estate that meets your housing needs; and
  • for leaseholders, a guarantee that there will be a variety of options which will enable you to remain living on the estate in a new home. This decision does not mean that redevelopment work will start immediately.

There is still a lot of detailed planning to do and no building work will start until sometime in 2017 at the earliest.

What happens next?

The next step is to select a team who will develop detailed plans for the estate and we want residents to be involved. The Council has short-listed a number of teams who will present at an exhibition on the estate on Saturday 14th November. You will have an opportunity to quiz them and express your views on which team you prefer. More details on this will be provided nearer the time.

Below are up coming events:

  • Exhibition to meet the potential consultant team – Saturday 14th November (more details to be provided soon)
  • Homes for Lambeth – Design Principles Exhibition – along with residents across the borough you will have a chance to come and see the design principles, which will be applied to South Lambeth (December)
  • Coffee mornings for elderly residents (New year)
  • Coffee mornings for mums, dads and toddlers (New Year)
  • Workshops for vulnerable residents (New Year)
  • Workshop for Portuguese residents (New Year)
  • Workshops for tenants and leaseholders ( January 2016 through to April)
  • Design and planning workshops (November through to April 2016)
  • Phasing workshop (2016)
  • Resident Tours to other estates ( Starting in January 2016)
  • Wider stakeholder meetings and workshops (Starting in January 2016)

Private meetings with residents

Starting in the New Year the council will be arranging one to one appointments with residents to discuss and agree with them your household needs. The council will also ensure that all residents who are vulnerable, or have special needs, can access specialist support to confirm the needs of your household, so that we can develop homes, which meet individuals needs.

Resident Engagement Panel (REP)

The Resident Engagement Panel meets monthly, on the last Monday in the month, to discuss the plans for the future of South Lambeth with council officers, the consultant design team and others who are involved in the project. There are still vacancies for resident representatives from the low-rise blocks, if you are interested in being a tenant or leaseholder member of the REP please contact the council’s Regeneration Team.

The panel will also appoint an ‘independent resident advisor’ to provide impartial advice on the issues that are important to you.

Getting in touch 

The regeneration team will be based on the estate at the Caretakers Office one day per week (starting in November). Please drop in and discuss any issues you may wish to raise with the regeneration team. The team will also be holding fortnightly surgeries on the estate in the Caretakers Office (at the side of Wimborne House) between 5-7pm on the following days:

  • 19th October
  • 2nd and 16th November
  • 7th and 14th December