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South Lambeth estate December Newsletter



December_Issue_8_header.jpgThe eighth newsletter by the Development Management Team has been produced for South Lambeth Estate and is available to read here.


As the year draws to a close we would like to thank you all for the feedback, help and continued support you have given over the last year. As some of you may know Siddiqa and Marcus have moved on from the team which means there is a new look to the team for 2017. I’m sure many will join me in wishing them the best of luck in their new roles. As an introduction my name is Lauren and together with Cleo we will be working with you and the team on the South Lambeth regeneration programme. I look forward to meeting and working with you in the coming year.

We will have lots planned in the coming year for you to get involved in and regular updates from the team to keep you informed about the plans for the estate. We are extremely excited to be opening our new engagement hub on the estate early in the new year. Once open this we will be our base on site, where we will be holding regular drop in sessions for you to come and chat to us. As ever, any questions or comments please get in touch. In the meantime we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

 Lauren and Cleo On behalf of your Regeneration team. 

Tel: 020 7926 4166 Email: [email protected]



So this is our last newsletter - both Marcus and I are moving on to different roles. We are sad to be leaving and for both of us the decision was not an easy one. Hands down our favourite part of the job has been getting to know you all. 

Since we started working together in April, we have had carried out over 80 home visits, seven Resident Engagement Panel meetings, seven Newsletters five study trips and a fun day. Thank you for making us feel so welcome. We would like to extend a special thanks to the REP members for spending their evenings with us over the past few months, providing invaluable direction and challenging us were necessary on behalf of residents. 

We look forward to coming back and visiting the new homes when they are finished. We wish all the very best moving forward and know you are in safe hands, 

Sid & Marcus.


We will be holding an exhibition to update you all on where we are with the development on the estate. 

This exhibition will show you how the designs have progressed. 

This will be held on: 

Saturday 14th January 2017 

The exhibition will be held in the new community hub on the estate. 

More details will follow in the New Year.


I’m sure that with the festive season here many of you are busy planning and preparing. However, the regeneration plans and activities may slow down a bit for this period but is still moving. I am around to help and we are currently planning new workshops and advice drop ins, such as legal advice drop ins and valuations workshops in the new year, to help you understand more about how the process will work. 

There are more activities planned and as your Independent Advisor just remember that I am here to provide you with relevant support and advice through the regeneration process in complete confidence and will only disclose information, to the Council or any one else with your permission. 


Contact details: 

Tel: 0800 731 1619 or Mobile: 07960 925 409 Email: [email protected]

I hope you enjoy the holiday period and wish you all a fantastic 2017.


On the 19th of November we were joined by residents from the estate on a brief trip to visit four new developments in Lambeth and Southwark. The aim of the day was to help residents to understand space, entrances and distances between buildings. By looking at features such as balconies, bin stores and the materials used such as bricks, glass and wood we. Our aim was to try and pull together elements of what was already out there in order to develop an idea of what the new estate could look and feel like. 

Each development sparked lots of discussion and we learnt a lot on the day about what the residents wanted. The most important message was that the new estate had to be fully integrated into its surroundings and promote a neighbourhood community. Other key points were: 

  • Bin areas had to be enclosed and secure 
  • Good lighting and visibility was important 
  • Play areas should be usable and not just for design 

We really value the conversations we have with you and would like to encourage more residents to come

along to future visits and events. Your input will continue to helps us to shape the design of the new estate. For more information and pictures from the day please click here or get in touch with Claire on 0207 089 2138.


As the year draws to an end and we put the veggie garden to bed for the winter. We do as usual; have some green tomatoes still on the vine. 

Here’s a simple relish recipe people may want to try. 


2 pints green tomatoes, chopped. 

1 large white onion, chopped. 

1 large green pepper, chopped. 

2 tablespoons salt 1 cup sugar. 

1 tablespoon prepared mustard. 

1 teaspoon celery salt. 

4 whole cloves. 

1 cup vinegar.


1. Combine tomatoes, onion, and pepper in large bowl. 

2. Sprinkle salt over vegetables, mix in, and let stand 1 hour. 

3. Drain vegetables. 

4. Combine drained vegetables, sugar, mustard, and celery salt in a large pot. 

5. Tie cloves in cheesecloth and add to mixture. 

6. Stir in vinegar and simmer for 20 minutes.

Dog Mess 

People may notice we have put up a No Dogs sign in the garden and the Children’s Playground. We hope our friendly dog owning neighbours understand that some children are frightened, so it is good for them to have a space away from dogs. 

More importantly, there is a problem with dog mess. If it is not cleared way it does carry some nasty germs that are especially dangerous for young children. 

We very much appreciate residents co-operation in this.

Door knocking 

Michael (your independent advisor) and Claire will be completing some door knocking to answer any questions or concerns residents may have before the Christmas break. We will be on the estate on the following date:  

Wednesday 14th December 3.00pm - 6.30 pm 

If you are not going to be in or would like to book in a time slot please get in touch and we can come and see you. Please call Claire on: 020 7089 2138 or Michael on: 0800 731 1619 or Mobile: 07960 925 409