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South Lambeth construction update

·     The bricklayers will return on Wednesday 12 January to continue with the fourth floor brickwork on the North and East elevations.

·     We have a brick delivery on Tuesday 11 January.

·      The scaffolders will be making adaptations to allow the brickwork to progress throughout the week.

·      The dryliner will be back on Monday 10 January. They will continue to parge coat on the fourth floor and commence standing walls on the third floor.  

·      The electricians will continue wiring on the second floor.

·     There will be deliveries for electricians, dryliners as well as for the bricklayers.

·     The fire stopper will continue fire stopping on the first floor in core B.

·     We have timber stairs arriving on Monday 10 January and the carpenters will be loading them out up to the fourth floor. The carpenters will also commence fitting the window boards on the ground floor.

Picture 1 to show the first fix plumbing in the bathrooms

Picture 2 to show a boarded up plot