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South Lambeth construction update

  • The brickwork will continue rising up from the First floor along the North and South Side of the building.  

  • The Dryliner will continue to stand walls inside with the metalwork.

  • The scaffolding will continue on the North elevation throughout the week.

  • Our mechanical contractor will start the main works in the flats once the walls are up.

  • The Dryliner will continue the screed operations on the first floor to allow further progression

  • The windows will continue to be installed on the ground and first floor

  • The electrician will start the first fix along with the plumbers.

  • There will be deliveries for the plumbers, electrcians, dryliners as well as for the bricklayers.

  • We will continue to work Saturday 8am to 1pm

Picture 1 to show window installation.  

Picture 2 to show walls being stood on first floor.