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South Lambeth construction update

• The bricklayers will continue with the fifth floor brickwork on the North and South elevations, now near completion.

• The scaffolders will continue taking down scaffolding to the east elevation and adapting scaffolding for the bricklayers.

• The dryliners will continue first fixing on the fourth floor and second fixing on the second and third floors. Plastering will continue on the second and third floors. Screeding will continue on the fifth floor.

• The electricians will continue first fixing the second floor maisonettes and third floor plots and continue wiring in the communal areas. The electricians will continue second fixing and testing on the ground and first floors.

• The plumbers will continue first fixing on the fourth floor. The sprinkler installers will second fix on the second floor. Pre-plumbs will continue prior to fitting of kitchens and installation of baths to the first floor.

• The carpenters will continue second fixing on the first floor. This involves installing skirtings, stair banisters, kitchens, and hanging doors.

• The painter will be mist coating three plots on Monday 28 February.

• The steel framing system (SFS) will continue on the south elevation balconies.

• There will be deliveries for electricians, plumbers, carpenters, dryliners as well as for the bricklayers. Skip exchanges are scheduled for Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

• Saturday working will continue until further notice.

• The tower crane will now be dismantled on Tuesday 30 March 2022.

Picture 2 to show plastering complete to Plot G5

Picture 2 - bath installation and tiling