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South Lambeth construction update

• The bricklayers will be continuing snagging works on the south elevation.

• The scaffold is now struck on the north and west elevations. The scaffolders will erect and strike platforms inside the building for the dryliners. All loading bays are now struck.

• The dryliners will continue closing up and plastering plots on the fourth and fifth floors. They will complete boarding staircore B, including the fire walls splitting up the corner plots from the stairs.

• The electricians have completed all first fixes. The second fixing is to continue on the second and third floors, with works to start on the fourth and fifth floors.

• The plumbers have completed the first fixing on the fourth and fifth floors. The plumbers will continue the second fixing on the second and third floors, fitting radiators etc. Pre-plumbs will continue before fitting kitchens and installing baths on the first floor. They will also start second fixing on the fourth and fifth floors.

• Carpenters' second fix is now complete on the second and third floors. All front entrance doors have now been installed. They will start the second fixing on the fourth and fifth floors once mist coated. They will continue fitting kitchens on the fourth and fifth floors. Stair core A second fix will be complete.

• The metal SFS panels on the south elevation will continue to be installed on the third and fourth floors.

• There will be deliveries for electricians, plumbers, carpenters, dryliners, and bricklayers. Skip exchanges are scheduled for Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

• The tiler will continue tiling bathrooms and kitchens and grouting.

• The paving works on the Dorset Road elevation will start on Monday 25th April.

• Decoration in the plots will start on the ground and first floors.

• Our lightening protection contractor will be back on Monday 25th April to complete their works on the fourth floor roof terrace.

• The floor layers will continue with laying the latex on all floors. After the latex has been rubbed down, they will continue laying vinyl in the plots that are ready for them.

• We will be preparing to start work in zone 4. We will include more information on this in next week's newsletter.

• The manhole connection from the site to Cobbett Street will start on Monday 9th May.

Picture 1 – Shows an example of a kitchen being fitted

Picture 2 – Shows the ceiling grid at the top of stair core A