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South Lambeth construction update

  • The brickwork will continue rising up from the first floor along the South side the piers on the North side will continue.
  • Windows will be installed next week on the ground floor.
  • The scaffolding will continue on the North elevation throughout the week.
  • The roofers will be installing the insulation on the sixth floor.
  • Our mechanical contractor will continue works in the tank and plant room. The waste pipes that run through the building will continue to be installed along with the ventilation on the third floor. They will also continue the communal pipework to the flats.
  • The dryliner will start by applying a parge coat to the walls. They will then start to screed the ground floor starting at either end and working towards the middle
  • There will be deliveries for the plumbers, dryliners as well as for the bricklayers.

Picture 1 to show brickwork progression on the North elevation

Picture 2 to show insulation being installed on sixth floor roof