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South Lambeth construction update

  • The brickwork will continue on the fourth floor and will be reaching the fifth floor on the East elevation.
  • The scaffolders will be making adaptations to allow the brickwork to progress throughout week. They will also be organising materials around site.
  • Our mechanical contractor will be first fixing in the second floor plots.
  • The dryliner will start standing the walls on the third floor.
  • The electricians will continue wiring on the second floor.
  • There will be deliveries for the plumbers, electricians, dryliners as well as for the bricklayers.
  • We will be closing site for the holiday period on Wednesday 22 December 2021 and will be returning on Thursday 6 January 2022. Our free phone number 0800 032 6760 will be monitored throughout this time.
  • 24 hour security will be on site throughout this period.
  • UKPN could potentially be working on the substation during the holiday period, however they have their own access.

Picture 1 to show the screed on the third floor

Picture 2 to show timber stairs on the second floor