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Size Always Matters

Residents have told us that they need homes that are big enough for their family to live comfortably in and that have enough storage and outdoor space. Some residents have also raised concerns that the new homes that Homes for Lambeth will build will be smaller than their current homes.

More AND better homes

We are determined that Homes for Lambeth will not only build more homes, but that these homes will be better as well. So, following this feedback, Lambeth’s new Housing Design Principles and Housing Design Standards set out the space standards and layout requirements that each new home must meet. Also, formal planning requirements mean that new homes in London must meet certain space standards that determine the size of new homes and of each room. In 2011, the Mayor of London reviewed these standards and introduced the London Housing Design Guide. These space standards are generally larger than the previous Parker Morris standards and you can see the London Housing Design Guide space standards for new homes below:


Dwelling type

Total internal area


1 bedroom 2 person

2 bedroom 3 person

2 bedroom 4 person

3 bedroom 4 person

3 bedroom 5 person

3 bedroom 6 person

4 bedroom 5 person

4 bedroom 6 person



70 m2






Two storey houses

2 bedroom 4 person

3 bedroom 4 person

3 bedroom 5 person

4 bedroom 5 person

4 bedroom 6 person






Three storey houses

3 bedroom 5 person

4 bedroom 5 person

4 bedroom 6 person




For dwellings designed for more than 6 people, at least 10m2 should be added for each additional person.


In addition to the floor area required, each new home will have to have an outdoor space such as a patio, balcony, garden or terrace. The standard also requires at least 5m2 of private outdoor space for a two person homes, with a further 1m2 for each additional person living there.

What about storage space in new homes?

As well as setting space standards for homes, the London Housing Design Guide specifies the amount of storage space that each type of home must have – see below;

Number of bedrooms

Built-in storage

1 bedroom


2 bedrooms


3 bedrooms


4 bedrooms

3  m2

5 bedrooms


6 bedrooms

4 m2

 This means for many residents there will be more storage space, increasing with overall size of the home.

What does this mean in practice?

At the Westbury estate, the architects carried out a comparison of the current homes with the space standards for the new homes and showed that most new homes will be larger than the current homes – see below:


In a few cases some current homes might be slightly bigger than the new space standards. We will discuss this as designs develop for each estate.

Want to find out more?  

If you want to find out more about Lambeth's Housing Design Principles and Housing Design Standards by going to:  

http: estateregeneration.lambeth.gov.uk/design  

and the wider estate regeneration programme please go to: