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September Newsletter 2016

Where are we now?

  • We have considered nine different sites for new housing across the Hemans Estate.
  • Lambeth Council are now considering proposals for housing on one site: the ballcourt adjacent to Darlington House, along with landscaping and estate improvements.
  • Lambeth Council are working with the Hemans Voice TRA about the possibility of community space either on the estate or nearby.
  • The views of residents will inform councillors before a final decision is is taken on proposals later in the year.
  • We would like to hear your views on replacement play and sports equipment if the ball-court is developed.

 Date for the diary: Landscape Consultation Event 21st September

We will be holding a session on landscaping on Wednesday 21st September 2016 from 5-8pm in the Lansdowne Green Community Centre on Wandsworth Road. The aim of this drop in session is to hear your view on the current landscaping and outdoor facilities. We want to know what you like and dislike, what you use and don’t use and what you would prefer if it were to change in future.

What options have we considered so far?



The disused boiler room and area adjacent to Hunter and Darlington House (B & D) 

  • The proposals at each end of the existing buildings were considered overbearing. The proposal was discounted.

Hunter and Darlington Garden (C)

  • A row of new houses at the boundary of the garden would require alterations to existing utility services and see a loss of communal garden area for relatively few new homes. The proposal was discounted.

The ballpark at Johnson House (E) 

  • This area could have provided 2-3 new dwellings, however it is overlooked and any development would result in a loss of playspace. The proposal was discounted.

Lockyer and Charman House (F & G)

  • This area could have provided 2-3 one bed dwellings at each end of the garden, creating a courtyard. This would have required the reduction of existing communal gardens and residents were concerned about the loss of light to the garden. The proposal was discounted.

The existing community centre facility (H)

  • This proposal could have provided approximately 12 homes, however the ballpark (A) has the potential to accommodate many more. Residents were concerned about loss of light to existing dwellings in Hunter House, and the low-rise housing along Hemans Street. The proposal was discounted.

Rooftop additions to Hunter and Darlington House (I) 

  • We considered the possibility of adding rooftop extensions to Darlington and Hunter Houses. You may have noticed over the past few months a number of surveys taking place around the estate, to help us understand if this option would be suitable. The results of the surveys proved this option to be unfavourable. Whilst there are no issues with the current structure of the existing buildings, if further storeys were added then we would need to reinforce the existing structure of the buildings to withstand additional weight. The cost of carrying out this work would be high, negatively impacting the outcome of any potential scheme we could deliver. The Council has discounted this option and is focusing on developing the ballcourt site. A summary of the survey findings can be found here.


What proposals are we taking forwards?



What will happen next?


A community facility for Hemans Estate

The Tenants and Residents Association Hemans Voice are currently exploring opportunities for a community facility for Hemans Estate. Due to recent cuts to front line services across local authorities, communities have a responsibility to demonstrate a need and a business case for the running of any   community centre spaces on our estates. Whilst we can offer support, advice and help with any training, the community need to be the driving force behind this. The Hemans Estate TRA is working with partners to try and make this a reality. If you want to be involved in the future of the community centre, please contact Millie, Chair person via email on [email protected] .

Any questions?

If you have any questions on the regeneration of the Hemans Estate please feel free to contact your project officers Huw Jones and Lauren Tyrrell at [email protected] or call us on 0207 926 3649 or 07720 828 260.

A Pdf version of the newsletter delivered to residents is available to download here.